What a long Strange Trip it’s Been

No post in a month?  Sweet Jesus.  But it’s been a glorious summer so let me bring you as up to date as I can with some bullet points

  • One of my childhood friends is getting married and I am her maid of honor.  We had a lovely little bridal shower at a nice italian  resturant named Ciao Bella in Creskill, NJ.  Makes me think of marriage and how I’m so not ready (and yet if a certain someone asks I know I’d say yes!)
  • I took a trip to London to visit my brother Andrew for an extended weekend.  I always love visiting London no matter what time of year.  I feel like I know the city so well.  He pretty much leaves me to myself so that I can explore and get lost in the parks and tubes.  My brother and I are very close and he always finds things for us to do when we are together.  This time it was a Polo Match.  (think Pretty Woman minus Julia Roberts).  We got tickets to the coronation cup and the Queen herself was there!   Prince Harry had played an early match and was there just as a spectator (no idea where William was… tear).  Oh yes and we Stomped the Divits!  Of course don’t stomp the steaming ones! 


  • Right after I returned home I joined my parents in LBI.  One and a half weeks at the beach and I finally look like a proper Puerto Rican (tan and all!).  The second week was a joint venture with my boyfriend and a few of our friends.  It was our first adult summer rental. Highlights were watching Will Ferrel’s hilarious take on Robert Goluet  over and over again oh and some karaoke.  My friend Julie (on R) and I brought down the house with our rendition of You Shook Me All Night Long.


  • Throughout all this debauchery there was Knitting!! I present my very own NBaT!  I wanted to try out the bigger neckline but I knitted the smaller size than Ameila did so it didn’t quite work out BUT I love it anyway!! It was a very simple knit, just stockenette stitching.  This was my first Proper seaming test and I give myself a B+.  I was minus my computer while I was doing this so I didn’t have the wonderful internets to look to.  Not too Shabby!


    I spiced up the pattern ever so gently by just adding a different color for the hem.  I loved the way that the color just pokes out under the top – it’s very understated but noticable.


    I’m not good at the self-portraits – there’s just not enough light or too much light to do it justice!   So here are the details:
    Pattern: Nothin But a T-Shirt from Magknits.com
    Yarn:  Rowan Calmer in Chocolate Bean and Coral (for the edging)
    Needles: Size 8
    Comments: I made the gauge for this project so I made the 34 size and it fits perfectly.

So there’s THAT! 


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