Good Peer Pressure

Seeing This

Made me Go to This

Which made me buy this

I love inspirational dominoes! 😉

Not only is the Shetland Lace Shawl grabbing my eye but that whole book is filled with great patterns.  This surely is a staple in knit libraries all over the place.  Mucho thanks to Grumperina and Carolyn – they are prime examples of what I love about knit blogging – share that inspiration!

After finishing the NBaT i had a moment of "what to do next?" and then the fall IK arrived.  I’m totally obsessed with the Glasgow Lace sweater.  I would want to make the torso a bit longer but other than that I think it’s beautiful. I’ve ordered the yarn and am impatiently awaiting it’s arrival.  In the mean time I’m making another Flower Basket Shawl.  Lace is the theme for the fall I think!

For all my Jersey Locals out there, I’m trying to resurrect a SnB in Hoboken
Bring your knits and good gossip to the Frozen Monkey Cafe this coming Tuesday 9/22 at  7:30pm

 We’re trying to make it a bi weekly event so that it can be something to rely on.  Last time everyone tried scheduling the nights here and there and it just didn’t work.  So Take Two!   ETA:

Click here to join SNB-Hoboken
Click to join SNB-Hoboken

I have some FO pics of Birch and a Clapotis to share soon, just gotta get my camera man 😉

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