Tell Me Lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies…

So I saw this over at Fricknits and thought I’d give it a whirll… i’m TERRIBLE at lying though so frankly I think you’ll see right through me. Not to mention my life is not that exciting either! (I’ve never even dyed my hair) But I’ll give it a try anyway.

#1. I used to play in a basketball league in Harlem, NY.  I was pretty intimidated by this consdiering I grew up in a white bread suburban town in Jersey but my dad/coach thought it would be a good experience for me.  The games were played in a small public school gym on the 3rd floor of the building.  The celings were low and the space around the court wasn’t more than a foot.  The games were always crowded so it always felt like a cage.  In our first game I think I managed to hit a three pointer and thus proved myself a worthy opponent. The games were commentated by two guys who gave me the nickname, "Marquette" which was most likely due to my first name, but others were given their name due to what they did on the court. I played against  "The Body Shop" and "The Razor". They sure did roughen out my Jersey edges.

#2. On vacation in London with my brother Andrew and I met Axel Rose from GnR.  We were at a club when my brother spotted him at a VIP table.  Axel looked TERRBILE. What’s up with those dreds??!!  Plus I think he had too much beer/champagne/recreational drugs… My brother, though, with his suave personality went up to him and told him how much GnR shaped him growing up.  Axel just turned to him and nodded, drunkedly.  We left the club right after and proceeded to dial up everyone we know.

#3. This past spring 3 friends and I went to Mohegan Sun and didn’t pay for ANYTHING.  We got a comped room, comped food and comped Hall & Oates tickets!!  While at the concert we decided to rush the stage to get a "private eye" on the twosome.  While singing away to "Rich Girl" I made eye contact with John Oates and soon after was asked to go backstage with my three friends.  While there we realize that we were a good decade younger than the other groupies and decided it wasn’t worth the wait.  I wore my backstage pass proudly at the blackjack table later and had to sing "Maneater" to those silly people who had no idea who Hall & Oates were. 

Now, can you figure me out?  Thanks for the fun idea Julia!

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