Coming Clean

Well It seems that I’m not that shabby of a liar.  The falsehood is actually #2.  Axl Rose was defintlely drunk and stupid AND met my brother but alas I was not there.  My brother who lives in London saw him one night at a club and called me 3am his time (6pm mine) to tell me all about it.  Frankly, the details he gave made me feel as if I was there.

So, yes I was a baller in HS and yes I was backstage at Hall & Oates for FREE!  John Oates and his 12 yr. old son left ASAP after the concert so we only had a small moment of "Dude, that concert was awesome."  Daryl Hall was more of a primadonna and didn’t come out of his dressing room.  There was approx. 15 people back stage and some stage guy wanted us to "line up".  Now, I love H&O, but don’t take your self that seriously, Daryll.  "No, I can’t go for that.. no can do." We ended up leaving before he came out, but proudly took pictures of the backstage area for later bragging.

I’m so looking forward to a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend.  I have tomorrow and Monday off and I can’t think of anything better to do for this Rainy Weekend than to hang out and be creative.

I’m finishing up the Shetland Shawl.  I showed it to my mom last night who has laid her claim upon it.  I figure it’s something we can share 😉   Just two more repeats and it’s ready to block.  I’m also just a few rows shy of getting to the heel for the Embossed Leaves socks.  I am just going to work it like the jaywalker heel and none of this ‘break the yarn’ mumbo jumbo. Fo, real.

I’m on a knitting high lately and have a list of things I want to knit this fall and I feel like it just keeps growing!

Numba 1 – Backyard Leaves, I tried beginning this months ago and gave up – it’s time to jump back on that wagon!

Numba 2 – Odessa, Mama needs a nice knit cap and I’ve been collecting beads all summer for this project.  There might be a few being made for the cold winter weather.

Numba 3 – Jemima, An Amelia Raitte creation, this simple reglan has been catching my eye.  After finishing the NBaT, it’s time to move on to other pullovers and this to me is "the next step".

Numba 4 – Pinwheel Blanket, just seems lke such a good/easy pattern and i could use a handknit blanket.  Everybody should at least have one!

Numba 5 – Glasgow Lace Pullover – Fall IK 06, with a few modifications this might be my fav project on the list.  It reminds me a wee bit of Eunny’s newest creation and I would rather do Eunny’s but it seems I’d have to wait a bit. So for now I will have to try this. (twist my willing arm will you)

I think that’s enough projects (not including a few socks i’d like to do) to keep me busy until ’07! 

One thought on “Coming Clean

  1. ann says:

    good god. When I read the part where you confess to being a baller in high school, well …. I have to admit, it took me awhile to figure out you’re talking about athletics! 🙂


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