I know I know. You’re gonna tell me to stop talking about the fall.  That it’s STILL summer in your book.  That you will happily wear what ever key summer article be that bikini, mini skirt, flip flops or whatever that you picked out, right up until the HOUR the season turns over.  But my friend, did you feel it this weekend (if you weren’t being rained upon) – the breeze, the wonderful cool breeze… the smell of fresh cool air, the Halloween paraphernalia in the local CVS or equivalent?  Oh Fall is certainly almost here.  I’ve already shared with you why it’s my favorite season and now presenting:


(cheesy knitter alert!)I cannot get over how fabulous this sock is!!!  The way it pooled completely cover the leaf repeats! I"m freakin’ beside myself here!!  It’s gorgeous! I keep taking it out and looking at it. Sticking my arm through to the foot so I can see the leaves properly.  Putting it on the one foot and pretending the pair is complete.  Yeah I’m nuts.  But it’s just that it came out so much better than I had expected! The sock is a wee bit bigger than my foot but I’m not going to get nitpicky here… I love it.  It’s fabulous and I love the fall!

BUT… like all things there is something that’s foreshadowing the completed pair.. Will I be able to finish the second with the yarn I have left.  I do not have one of those weight doohickeys so I kinda did the whole putting the sock in one hand and the left over yarn in the other and shaking them a bit.  Very scientific, I know.  Here’s what’s left:


Perhaps I’m being hopeful but it does FEEL heavier than the finished sock.  I’m going to just keep going and pray to the knit God. I’ve seen people all over the Internets go through this situation – some with success and others with sad failure.  I am a glass half full kind of girl so there’s a pair in my future even if I may need to buy another skein. (gee that wouldn’t be so bad not would it.)

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