J’Adore the knits

I keep thinking about how much I’ve just fallen into knitting.  What happened??  I always considered myself someone who needed to be creative.  Give me anything and I’ll try it out.  I can sit for HOURS putting something together or strining beads onto a thin wire.  I love it.  I find that people mostly see me as a huge extrovert, and for the most part I am.  Get me out on that dance floor and I will boogie until the bar closes, but sometimes I just love being on my own.  Doing whatever makes me happy – without people judging.  Sometimes I know I can get carried away. My mom sometimes calls me "knit addicted", my boyfriend jokes at me saying "Knit Faster!" and even I know I should be cleaning or going out or something, but sometimes I just feel like sitting there and making whatever it is I’m making. (pretty much zoning everything else out completely)

I love doing things that are creatively fulfilling.  Give me a camera and I’ll shoot 100 rolls.  Give me a canvas and I’d make Bob Ross proud of my Happy Little Trees. Give me some paper and I’ll scrapbook until the cows come home.  IT’s just what I love to do.  Of course making a living of these things would be fabulous – somehow incorporating all the joys of these crafts into a sophisticated career/shop/life.  But for now it will be what I do on the "downtime".  With that said, I’ve started at least 4 projects and I keep switching gears from one to the other. 

The first is the Shetland Shawl – which I got inspired to do from Grumperina! I’m about one repeat away from the edging. The shawl is super soft and I cannot wait to finish it and get it blocked. 


The next is called Ruffles from Scarf Style, which is actually a present to my roomate.  The poor girl has to live with me and my knit addiction, I should at least make her something.  This is actually knitting up quickly as it’s just an 8 row repeat.


I’m using 100% alpaca yarn, which is a first for me.  I find that it "unwinds" pretty easily and therefore the stitches aren’t as uniform as I like them, BUT it is coming out nicely and it’s SO soft.  The roomate will love it.

And Remember I’m still finishing my Fall Socks AND then I just casted on for another scarf. I JUST Can’t STOP!  I blame the internets.

I look at these knit blogs and realize it’s a UNIVERSE of people and that I’m really on a little island.  That there are thousands upon thousands of wonderful artists out there doing their thing.  I keep discovering new blogs (to me) and being utterly amazed and excited about the pieces I see being created  It makes knitting so wonderful sheek and fab for me.

So enough of my knitting rants… Anyone going to the Stitch Out???

One thought on “J’Adore the knits

  1. JulieFrick says:

    Ah! I feel you! I’m also a dance floor fiend who would like nothing more than a whole day to herself to thumb through pattern books, arrange the stash, and work on projects. But I have a two year old. Le sigh.


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