Blog’s search for meaning

Just when I was thinking… "no one reads this blog" BAM, Cara had to go ahead and mention me in her self pity post. Girl,
we all have those DAYS! And I’m SO happy you’ve bounced back!!! I was just saying to my boyfriend last night
how I felt I was "failing" at this blog thing (I looked on bloglines
and my subscribers went from 9 to 8… ouch!) … but then I had to think
to myself – what exactly am I failing at?
That I don’t have a huge readership? That I’m not a whitty writer? I hope I’m at least entertaining! 😉
But then I had to think about what the purpose was of this blog. It’s
to share my love of this art, knitting, as well as other creative
outlets and to share my experience with others who love to as well! And who’s judging the pass/fail of things anyway?


I think
I’m a pretty good knitter for a 3 year-er… there’s MUCH to learn and
I’m absolutely thirsting for it! There’s SO much inspiration out there
which is WHY I decided to start this thing in the first place. I was
googling local yarn stores when I cane across January One and then
began the click fest from blog to blog to blog.
I saw Amelia’s site, than Grumperina’s, then Zeneedle’s, then’s Eunny… and well I was HOOKED.

I had to join this wonderful network of people and become a part of the inspiration.  There’s no way I would be as good of a knitter as I am now without these connections. So I guess I’m kinda hoping to Pay it Forward someday.  That perhaps this here blog will inspire someone else to pick up the needles like I did.  That they will get the courage to sit down and figure out a pattern, make a gauge, and some day wear their finished work of art.  Until then, I’ll just write in my little corner of the internets (and perhaps join a few KALs) and keep meeting new and wondeful people who, like me, are just trying to make sense of this art called knitting.

Can’t wait for Rheinback!! WOO!

4 thoughts on “Blog’s search for meaning

  1. Leslie says:

    I found your blog by way of Cara and well I love it. You ARE inspiring and adorable in every way. The projects that you can crank out are so beautiful, makes me feel that I really need to get at it. Thank you


  2. margene says:

    Bloglines isn’t a good record of the number of readers you have. The number of comments you get aren’t either. We all grow as knitters from reading blogs. It takes time but the rewards are great in the long run. See you at Rhinebeck;-)


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