New Bag o’ Tricks

I love learning something new!

Today it was the Magic Loop.  Now I know there are many many techniques out there to knit things in the round and I certainly have No Problems with Double Pointed but sometimes there’s just things that seem to work out so much easier (and help the poor knitter) out a bit when you can use one large ass needle for multiple projects.

My wonderful shopowner and friend Patricia put me on to this technique.  I was a skeptic at first but realize it’s Just Like using two circulars – so if i liked that = this would be a piece of cake.  and it is! Of course you must knit the way you feel most comfortable or what’s the point! But for my 2 circ peeps out there, this isn’t half bad and I whole heartly support you checking it out.

I’m working on a sample for her store.  Of course it’s the Jaywalker pattern in tekking xxl which is a fabulous sock yarn. It makes me think of the Sock Hop yarn that I see on the blogs where each ply is a different color but then the whole thing changes color.

Tomorrow I’m heading into the city for the NYC Stitch Out! Should be a good time just hanging out with other NYC area knitters and hopefully getting to meet a few famous people too!

Oh and lastly, this pattern is strong with the force and I may need to make one in time for the 31st.

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