Cha-Cha Changes!

Oh, Hello.

So I figured if I’m getting more readership that a little sprucing up  and housekeeping was needed.  So of course first things first, my blog title… I couldn’t help thinking that the title "minor obsessions" made me think that although it does describe perfectly how i feel towards the craft of knitting it didn’t really fit somehow… not to mention google-ing the title probably doesn’t lead you to many knitting pages…

so i turn to my wonderful b-day.  of course it isn’t as fab a januaryone(!) but it’s 10/10, so why not…  my friends like to point out that i will be turning 30 on the date 10/10/10.

so welcome (again)! change those blogline feeds and bookmarks!

ETA: A lot have asked what color is the Trekking XXL Jaywalker I have below.. it’s color 100.  Go out and get it!

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