All I want is Food and Creative Love

That title of a Rusted Root song could only mean one thing… I got my yarn (finally!)  I had ordered two colors because I just couldn’t decide: provincal rose and rue.  Of course Rue was backordered but I had the store just go ahead a ship me my PR.  A knock on my door at 8:15 this morning and here I am with my lovely rose colored yarn! 

It’s a bit too rose for me but I’m thinking that once i give it a wash it’s going to dull down just a wee bit.  And what I will do with the Rue when it arrives, you ask?  Oh make a Green Gable of course! I truly do enjoy the Zypher Style patterns. Simple yet stylish.  And wonderful Wearability!

With all this going on to needles I do have one proud FO to share. Just in time for the break in temperature.


Pattern: Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style
Yarn: About 4 balls of DB Cashmerino Aran in color 101
Needles: Size US 8s straights

I couldn’t put this project down even though I still have my sock and shawl to finish.  The pattern always needed your attention but at the same time it was great practice on reading your stitches.  Knowing what a k2g looked like or a ssk and what you needed to do on the next row without having to read the pattern.  I paid attention and yet felt a bit freer towards the end because I could almost close the book and knit it on my own.  One small victory for me as a knitter!  Here is my backyard leaves self-portrait inspired by fricknits. (can you see that i need to dust my mirror…)

backyard leaves

I haven’t blocked the scarf and I’m not sure I am going to.  I like the 3-d of the leaves and don’t want to take that puff out of them.

I hope to finish my jaywalker, I’m just about to turn the heel.  I’m so happy you all were curious about the color.  I felt the same way when I first got the ball of yarn.  An "Eehh" feeling, but as I was knitting it up I began to love it more and more.  Ohh Trekking, BUT oh have you see what Eunny has done?? It’s entrelastical!

5 thoughts on “All I want is Food and Creative Love

  1. Kim says:

    Hello! I meant to comment a while ago when you first posted, but I’ve just gotten around to it! Your scarf is gorgeous! I just finished this one and think it’s such a fun knit! I love how it looks in this color! Nice job.


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