You must have heard me wrong…

when I said that this would be my Rheinback knit.  I meant Rheinback 07.. oh yeah definitely 07.

Rusted Take Two

Well I guess it was wishful thinking or perhaps it was a really rediculously bad guessing on my part that this would be ready in time for Rheinback  OR perhaps it was because that two days ago I frogged the whole thing considering I realized I had been following the pattern alllll wrong. 

You know those numbers in the parenthsis that are there for the mulitple sizes – riiight, those rows… the ones I should be increasing and decreasing on? Yeah well I don’t pay attention to those much.  I had a really bad feeling that the whole project was a bust from the start.  I was worried that my gauge was too tight and then with the lack of rows being done because of my misreading the whole shirt was off. At one point I held it up to myself in the mirror and got scared that I was indeed growing.

Needless to say I’m not giving up! This is now being my, uhh, …… Thanksgiving Shirt! HA!  I am still however going to Rheinback and will be sporting my Backyard Leaves scarf and maybe take my NBaT on it’s first venture out of the apartment.

I must confess I wasn’t up to posting today.  I did myself in this weekend by participating in a Charity Pub Crawl.  No one told me that being 26 is SO Not like you’re 21 or 22 and that drinking from 3:30 to Midnight is a Bad Idea at my age.  What’s this about a two day hangover???  But I casted on something new that said to me, "put down your water and advil and get to that computer to share this":

Julie's Scarf

The pattern is a mistake rib-stitch.  I casted on 31 stitches and am
using Manos with size 10.5 needles.  I wanted the stitches to be nice
and big so it is wonderfully squeezeable.  I am LOVING the color and how it’s coming out.  The purples and oranges and browns.  IT’s screaming fall!

The scarf is for my dear friend Julie who is running the NYC Marathon.  She has also done a triathelon in Hawaii for the group who hosted the Pub Crawl to benefit the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I am so proud and amazed by her (pretty much in every way).  If I haven’t mentioned this before,  I have the most amazing girlfriends in the world.  I’m freakin’ blessed!  And Jules is among them. (Dana is the champ who came with me to the NY Stitch Out, god love her, I will soon get her to blog, MU ha Ha! But there are so many more  important girlfriends that I don’t even get to mention here! I’m telling you… blessed!)  I’m hoping to finish Julie’s scarf for her big run on Nov. 5 (06.. yes, 06)…  so that when she’s done and feeling so accomplished she can wrap it around her deserving neck and get warm again.

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