Is this heaven?

No.  It’s Rheinback.

Certainly Kevin Coster would have been at Rheinback if it wasn’t for the Mohegan Sun 10th anniversary… I suppose he felt that Dancing with Wolves was a more grossing movie than Field of Dreams.  Baseball maybe America’s past time but try a telling that to a bunch of passionate knitters.

Wow.  That’s all I can say.  Wow.  Upon entering the fairgrounds I got chills.  Thinking about what was going to be ahead of me.  Of all the yarns, fibers, books, needles, wheels… gosh you name it… I had to turned off the car and sit there for a moment before I headed in.  I needed some sort of plan for fear that I would choke… not knowing what yarns to buy and then leave with none or one… 

I went to Rheinback on Sunday… I missed out on the blogger meet up which I hear was a mob scene.  I didn’t get to buy any Socks that Rock (nor stand on the 2 hour line that it caused) but I did get to see Cara, Ann and Vicki.   Cara’s Seraphim was simply beeeautiful in person! And I got to see the Original Jaywalkers… boy they ROCK!! It’s so good to see she wears them with Pride.  As would I!

I passed Margene but didn’t get to say hi (sorry Margene, HI!!!) And I passed the Harlot, who was just carrying on like everyone else.  And now I keep reading updates from all these other bloggers that were there and I just didn’t know it.  I wanted to concentrate on the fiber for my first time and that’s just what I did.  So many things to see!  Alpacas, sheep, lamas… roving, wheels, spindles… oh my.

The yarns… oh there was no where to begin.  My friend and I did a full scoping of the whole fairgrounds and then the purchasing began.  I got some nice brown wool (below, off to the right) from Nick’s Meadow Farm which I want to use for Demi from Rowan Vintage Knits. (I keep seeing it pop up here and there… such a great challenging knit)  And then my Special Treat…

Foxfire Fiber Silk/Wool Cormo

Foxfire Fibers Cormo Silk/Wool in Cedar… It was one of the first things I saw and I couldn’t get my mind off of it.  I figured what the heck, this is for me and might as well treat myself… I plan on using this for Jemima.  I bought more than enough yarn which makes me giddy to think what else I can use it for! It’s Luxurious… So soft and the owner Barbara was so nice.  I definitely will order more from her and I am so impatient to cast on! I need a contrasting color though for Jemima and I’m thinking an oatmeal color…

I also finished Julie’s Scarf this weekend. A whole two weeks early! I plan on giving it to her before her race as an incentive.  I love love love the color.  It reminds me of the changing leaves in October. It’s Manos color 111 and I used Size 10.5 for the Mistake Rib.  It knitted up so quickly… ahh a FO!

Julie's Scarf

Now to wait a WHOLE other year for this wonderful experience…. If you knit it, Rheinback will come.

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