we got the tools, we got the talent!

Thank you so much for the comments about Rusted Root! I wore it to work yesterday and didn’t get one "did you make that?" (which to me means people accepted it as more than a handknitted top, however there was one woman who is an experienced knitter who zeroed in on me and made me turn around like a ballerina so she could see it all… yea! accomplishment!)

As I grow as a knitter, I realize how many techniques are out there to learn.  How also in the beginning I used to look at something knitted and think "How the hell did that come out that way?" and now I’ve graduated to "hmm, so that’s where you put the YO or k2g…" Finishing RR made me realize that I can be  more confident on making my own things and not having to stick to a pattern. Ahh the freedom!  The creative juices that are now flowing need to be focused! (it’s no help also that i’m off from work today and can THINK about this allllllll day.)

So, now it’s time to give myself a new challenge, to learn a new skill… to add a tool to my perverbial knitter’s toolbelt. Enter Miss Fig and Plum… she just finished a beautiful pair of norweigan mittens that I now cannot stop thinking about.  I think of them as the perfect project for a beginner Fair Isler as myself, as well as a great canvas to work with if I ever wanted to be daring enough to just create a pattern all on my own.  Not to mention it is a Zimmermann pattern and who else to learn fair isling from than the queen herself.  A trip to my LYS today should quench this desire.

Beyond new projects also lies those that need to be finished.  Can you guess which of those are close to being completed?

fiery bolero

3 thoughts on “we got the tools, we got the talent!

  1. nona says:

    That’s one of the many things I love about knitting — you start off not knowing much and then one day you wake up and think, “heck, I’m a darn good knitter”. I look forward to watching your mitten progress.


  2. Kirsten says:

    I love Fig and Plums mittens too. You should also check out the Zimmermainia blog for inspriation. (If you haven’t already.) There are people doing some really amazing things. It looks to me like you are becoming a very accomplished knitter!


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