that was easy.*

Norwegian Mittens

Remember how I said I was intimidated by Fair Isle… well remind me to never say that about anything unless I’ve tried it.  With a little boost from the knitting help website and a good glass of red wine, I set on my mission to try it out. 

I started out the mitten using the idiot i-cord (also a first for me!) which is a brilliant way to start anything.  Nice and clean. The only problem I had was how to weave in the ends to the i-cord  making it seamless without twisting it.  I confess I did rush the damn thing because I was too excited to get my Fair Isle’ing on.  I’m using the two stranded method (where you hold one color in each hand).  I’ve been practicing my "scooping" continental style knitting so this wasn’t as hard for me as I thought it would be.

I’m so focused on the fair isle that I’m slightly neglecting the mitten pattern. I am hoping I’m putting the thumb in the right place… It says just to put it "immediately" on the back side, which I’m assuming is right after the neutral 3 side stitches… again, it’s practice so I’m not going to worry about it too much, yet.

*from that staples button. 

5 thoughts on “that was easy.*

  1. j a r e d says:

    Hey margaux –
    Couldn’t find your e-mail address so thought I’d answer your comment here –
    Forbes Forest has held up pretty well. Its fuzzed up a litte (because the wool is so soft) but the definition is still awesome. It gets softer with time and is a favorite of mine to wear.
    I’m shooting with a Nikor 50mm 1.4 lens for most of the still photography on the blog. Its an old manual lens from the 60’s.
    Hope that helps! Have a great week.


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