my reward

Fiery Bolero

It’s been a long, busy, tiring week.  I had no time for knitting nor blogging.  Work was emotionally and energy draining. I ordered a lot of  dinners to tired to cook and have gone to sleep early (except for Thursday*).  There was just no time. So on this beautiful and unseasonably warm Saturday morning, I awoke and realized: I have time. 

Boleroooooooooooooo! I get so impatient when making a top like this.  I’m constantly trying to wear it before it’s done just to see if I’m on the right track.  Even then I could never truly get a good idea.  So when you get to that moment, when it’s all seamed up, when you slip your arms in the sleeves and turn to the mirror, it’s just so wonderful when you see something so simple and beautiful back.

I made the second size up and I did have some row gauge issues but with some encouragement I made some adjustments and knitted on.  On the whole this was pretty mindless knitting.  The shaping was pretty straightforward and there was a lot of straight rows.  A great TV watching knit.

Things got a bit tricky when I got to the ribbing.  I began picking up stitches and realized I was closer to the smallest size directions than the size I was knitting.  I just decided to follow those  instead and I think due to the lack of rows (off row gauge) it worked out perfectly.  Ahhh… the beauty of knitting, even if it doesn’t quite match you can do a little ad lib and sometimes things come out right.

Fiery Bolero

Great Pattern, Great Yarn all equal a Great many times this will be worn.

Pattern: Debbie Bliss’ Fiery Bolero, IK Summer 05
Yarn: DB Cathay (about 6 balls)
Needles: Addis Turbos size 6 and 3

*As I’m writing this post I’m watching College Gameday on ESPN (I heart Herbstreit!)  One of the segments highlighted a football player from Boise who’s a damn good knitter!  He whipped out a hat during his interview!  Speaking of football, this New Jersey native has much pride for RUTGERS! I was at a crowded bar in Hoboken watching the game live on Thursday night and that place was electric!  What a game! Even if they don’t go to the BSC bowl game at least they’re building a program we can certainly get behind and be proud of for years to come!  GO RU!  (a bit aside, my alma mater, BC is playing Duke today… easy win boys!!)

4 thoughts on “my reward

  1. Allegra says:

    The Bolero looks great! I just finish a similar one, Debbie Bliss’ Cathay Shrug, which is almost exactly like yours but longer sleeves. Hmmm, I think I might have to make one in pink someday!


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