there’s only one of me

I’ve got so much to knit.  There are hats, shawls, fingerless gloves, norwegian mittens, scarves, sweaters, tigers, bears, oh my! I’ve only got two hands to do so! 

My mother stopped by the shop this weekend while I was there and has gracious asked for me to make her a bolero.  In a show of sheer "i can’t wait to wear it" she bought all the yarn that would be necessary… plus some for me to make her fingerless gloves, too.  Her excitement for both projects has really recharged me. It was the buzz I needed to beat the blah knitting mood I was in.  But now when it rains, it pours inspiration!

Take for example a new to me blog: cinemaknits. She did a beautiful Lady Eleanor (on the perverbial knit list) but she also knitted a gorgeous Brocade  sweater from Rowan.  I have that pattern book and never truly noticed it until I saw hers.  Her color choices are great (i heart browns and blues together) and the pattern reminds me of Amy Butler fabric. She did just cut a deal with Rowan so perhaps there is where I find the connection. (on another tirade i will talk about how much I would love to sew but again between life, knitting, family, boyfriend… )

I’m also slightly  fully hat crazy after seeing this project on Flickr: The Knitting Project.

224021759_25f558bb83_m_2 How Cute is this kid!?

Knitkid is making hats for people who send their head shots to him via the Flickr site.  He’s seriously knit close to a hundred (maybe more!) hats.  Each is so unique! I could spend Hours looking at each one. I really need to get my head shot in that pool, but I kinda want to knit up a Knitkid creation myself!

So, all these and one of me… oh and To add insult to injury (via YarnPaperSissors).  I though everyone would have wanted to name their daughters after the great late Margaux Hemingway (or the fabulous wine.) I guess not.
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4 thoughts on “there’s only one of me

  1. Kirsten says:

    That kid & hat are adorable! Thanks for the link.
    I feel the same way you do. The more I read knitting blogs the more inspired I become. So little time, so many projects. I’ve wanted to knit Lady Eleanor for quite a while. Seeing it knit on Cinemaknits blog got me thinking about it again!


  2. Kim says:

    Wow, so he knits hats for just random people?? That’s kindof cool.
    Really? There is nobody else named Margaux? I guess you must just have the one cool spelling.


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