norwegian mittens (well almost)

I’m going for the blog post trifecta! (3 days and 3 posts… shush about my quiz yesterday that’s So not cheating…) Ta Daaa:

Norwegian Mitten

I honestly have started this post about 4 times not really knowing how to begin! I Love my Mitten LOVE IT.  It is SO Beautiful.  I am so happy with the fair isle.  SO surprised at how quickly I picked it up and how my stitches actually look decent.  But here is the sad part people,  I think I’m going to have to scrap it (well I won’t rip it out but keep it in a sacred place where it will be looked at and thought of fondly.) For two reasons:

  • I didn’t really gauge properly.  (and by "properly" I really mean AT ALL) It was much too tight and my row gauge (although there isn’t one) was much too short.  I used a 4ply and realize a good DK would have been perfect.  At first, I thought about giving this away to someone with smaller hands than I but then reason #2 happened.
  • The Thumb! I totally screwed that up too! It’s much to high up on the mitten PLUS it’s small and feels weird to wear.  Much like Jessica said, it’s position is awkward. SO, again next mitten is going to be knit with the thumb out the side as my wonderful Ann Budd Pattern book tells me to do! (much like these beauties from Brooklyntweed)

Norwegian Mitten

It is beautiful to look at and I will be casting on immediately for version 2.0, but it’s bitter sweet.  This mitt wants to be Worn! Not stuck on a wall somewhere or in a drawer.  Perhaps when I am willing I will (gasp) rip her out and start her anew.  Until then, I begin again…

Norwegian Mitten

All in the learning process, right? We knit the good, we knit the bad, we knit them all and there we have the Facts of Knit!

3 thoughts on “norwegian mittens (well almost)

  1. rachel says:

    Followed your link on the Zimmermaniacs blog.
    I would be heartbroken to rip out something so cute. What about felting it and using it as an ornament? It would probably shrink more in length than width, so it would be kinda long and & skinny, but it would still be cute.


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