for drew

siblings are said to shape us.  they are our life long companions.  the only family member who lives life closest to you. often times the sibling relationship is stereotyped.  the older being a certain way than the middle or youngest.  birth orders like that put siblings in a category on how they are supposed to act and behave, but there is no category for him.  There is no standard that defines him.


He lives an ocean away in Notting Hill.  He works a high stress job and does it with energy and commitment.  He is never satisfied. He knows wines and cigars.  He knows which champagnes are for drinking and which are for spraying. He loves to dance. He drives a hot car.  He has the sweetest jump shot.  He can run a double into a triple.  He ran the London Marathon.  He’s fashionable, sheek, generous and compassionate.  He still teases me as his little sister.  He’s sensitive and yet stronger in more ways I cannot imagine.

As his little sister he has paved the way in which I was raised.  He protected me and guided me and spoiled me. 

I know he says that I repay him in the way I live and how I am.  But I always wish I could do more.  Giving him gifts is so hard.  He is the man who appears to have all.  So what is there to do but to knit him a gift.

But to knit for Drew is no small task.  I want to knit him a fabulous scarf.  A scarf that he will wear.  A scarf that he will want to wear. A scarf that when he sees it he will say, "You made that."  A scarf that when worn, friends will ask, "Is that Prada or Gucci?" and he’ll casually reply, "No, it’s Margaux."

I realize this is a tall order and I perhaps am expecting too much out of a scarf. Sometimes though a scarf is what can make an outfit.  I’ve been thinking of making the Forbes Forest and I would want to make it in a bold color like red. But not just any red.  I want a red that will pop.  That when worn under a nice black trench teases the onlooker to want more.  I want a red that is not orangy, but masculine and deep. 

So help dear friends and readers, what yarns can fulfill my tall order? What is it that you suggest? And if there is another scarf pattern that screams for this attention show me the way! 

I am a little sister who loves her older bro dearly.  For without him there’s no wonder where I would be today.  So for Drew, it will be a gift of love knitted into every stitch. (once I figure out what the heck it will be…)


4 thoughts on “for drew

  1. Mandy says:

    Well, I can totally relate to having a wonderful brother and to wanting to make something perfect for him! I am not sure of a pattern off the top of my head (though I think the one mentioned in the other comment is really nice), but if I was to make something for my brother I would probably use Plymouth baby alpaca grande…It’s a nice thick and incredibly soft yarn! It’s really a treat to wear and is beautiful when knitted…They also have a couple of nice reds (one is brighter and the other is darker) if you are still looking for red in particular…Good luck and share what you come up with! I may just have to join you in making something fabulous for my bro…


  2. Kim says:

    Awww, you are a nice sister (with a hot! brother!) Does Rowan Cashsoft have the right gauge for the scarf you’re thinking of? It is the best yarn ever, and they have a gorgeous dark red (the one called opulence).


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