Blogging.  What seems like a simple, innocent, web-journal to some is a huge (dare i say MONUMENTAL) influencing machine to others. As a communication major in college I am constantly thinking and evaluating the phenomenon that it is. It certainly could take up a whole semester’s worth of classes and discussions.  But for now I will share a few thoughts on this.  First of all the obvious: Blogging is a new form of communication and it bigger than any of us can imagine.

What is so amazing about this new style of communication is that it influential, universal,  personal and yet So Very Very Public.

It can make or break a business with one sheer quick post. It can ignite a trend or fuel a conflict. This power of open opinion is being harnessed from every industry whether it be arts, sports, education, political, even religion.

This form of communication way back before the Internets was known as Word of Mouth.  Now, with cable connections and DSL that speed has become alarmingly and obliterating fast.  One post. BOOM. You are global.  The turtle movement of: you call two friends, and so on and so on is so. impossibly. slow.  Your rave (or criticism) is there for all to see.  For the owner of that shop or maker of that product.  You’re not just telling the people in your little get together. You’re telling the World. 

Imagine hitting that mic and hearing the feed back much like the NY Lotto guy… that’s you there.. That’s me right now. Oh, hello, World, let me tell you about what I think about Blogging. (also noting that this topic has probably been discussed numerous times over…)

Obviously, my audience is few. I do not have a lot of traffic. But this page is out there to Google now. To be  Cached in someway. To be saved in a lifetime of saved web pages.  It can be looked at over and over again. It is recorded.

My arena is (for now) knitting.  I do not casually give praise or criticism to a product or store. For who am I to pass judgment on a yarn, store, or pattern? I’m a moderate knitter who’s just looking for a spark of inspiration whether it take the form or a yarn, FO, or another blog post.  It’s amazing how the bandwagon can go, though, when someone is Raving or Dissing – people read, react and act.

Every  word can be interpreted in every way. It reminds me of that Seinfield episode when Jerry asks Elaine how his friend actually said the phrase "Oh, Jerry isn’t here." Did he say "Oh, Jerry isn’t here?" or say "Oh, Jerry isn’t here?" I often misread tones all time time!  I am always the one who can’t get the joke via email.  Different personalities are laid out there for whatever reaction there is.  It’s just like any other form of communication – All reactions should be expected.

Blogging. It just amazes me. It’s ever evolving and so dynamic. 

Phew, where did that come from? Sorry readers, hope I didn’t put you to sleep.  It’s my DD iced coffee talking this morning.  This was also sparked by my viewing of Eunny’s mitts. (Beautiful!)  Being in the midst of my first color work project it just had perfect timing.  But with that post I want to buy more yarn and needles, and well… see the influencing power… it is amazing.

4 thoughts on “power

  1. Necia says:

    Blogs are very influential. Thanks to your’sI bought yarn to make me some damn mittens. I barely have time to add another wip, but as soon as I receive my yarn (later today) I will be casting on.


  2. leslie says:

    well said…… so many of my friends don’t even know about blogs and definately do not have one. I wonder what is up with that? It amazes me everyday the power of blogging…….I am in awe of the magnitude of it all……and i am only a visitor and keeper to little ol’ knitting blogs! I pretty much keep in my element if not I would be on the computer all day! It also amazes me how I feel about being public about the things I do when I am a pretty private person……hmmmmm….hope you find something wonderful to knit for your brother….I will keep that in my thoughts…he is too cute! See look how public that is! 🙂 I did a cable cashmere scarf for my hubby, perhaps something like that…definitely in cashmere!


  3. Kim says:

    Good post. I started out as the weird “blogger” in my family, and nobody really got it at first. They’d say things like, “You mean you actually WANT strangers reading, like, your diary??” But I’m always in awe of how much information is being shared through blogging. If you want to find out what everyone thinks of a certain pattern, or what fabrics are hot right now, or fashions, or news, or whatever, it’s all out there, easy to find. Just incredible! I am so much more inspired and creative since I discovered blogging.
    At the same time, sometimes it’s so overwhelming to keep in touch with the world at large, don’t you think?!


  4. Cara says:

    DUDE! How did I miss all this blogging? Did you change your feed or something. Okay. I’m back. And now, of course, I don’t have time to read….
    PS – your brother? HOT.


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