I hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving!!  Nothing like Turkey, naps, and football.

I stupidly left my camera at my office so no pics until Monday! It stinks too because I finished the Shetland Shawl for my mother and am dying to show it to you all!   Plus, I finished another mitten… who knew that the whole increase every 3 rounds meant: 1, 2, increase on 3… rather than 1, 2, 3, increase.  Does anyone else have those problems?? I never know when I read directions like that what exactly it means.  My wonderful friend Patricia set me straight. 

I kinda felt like I was in Lethal Weapon when Briggs asks Murtagh whether they go on 3 as in 1, 2, 3, then go OR 1, 2, GO.  But it seems to me in my case it was 1, 2, GO! That’s what I did with the first mitten and it is so much clearer to me!

I am on my way home tonight.  I love my parents house. It’s clean and comfy and there’s a full refrigerator.

With the shawl done I’m one step closer to finishing the Christmas Knits.  I am still awaiting the yarn for my brother’s scarf but this allows time for me to knit other things.  A hat and perhaps another shawl for good measure.  I’m not going to kill myself this year but figure that whatever gets knit, gets knit.

I’m going to try to post this weekend, perhaps I’ll hijack a camera from a friend.

On a totally random note: There’s a TEEERIBLE movie right now on Starz called BloodRayne.  Seriously, where do they get funding for these movies??  What movie exec thinks this is a good idea?  The acting is AWFUL!   It stars Michael Madsen who always gets confused with Tom Sizemore.  Dude  Sir Ben Kingsley is in it, he probably fired his agent after this one.  Sorry for the movie rant.

Eat lots of Turkey, ya’ll!

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