Swallowtail Shawl

This was perhaps the quickest knit ever!  Then again I actually just knit this and nothing else which helps with the speed. 

I spent the weekend in Vermont with a few friends.  No skiing as there was no snow, but lots of fun outlet shopping happened which was followed by empanadas and a crazy game of Cranium.  Highlight for me was seeing my boyfriend do an impression of Sherlock Holmes which only he and I got.  "No shit!"

During this relaxing wine drinking filled weekend there was a moment where my 3 girlfriends and I were all sitting together knitting.  (the boys were watching fooosbal) One even just learned this weekend and it seems that after learning both knit and purl that she is hooked.  Now to get her a ball of yarn and needles of her own.  I loved seeing them all so focused on what they were making.  Two hats and a practice square… We have known each other since we were 14 and now over 10 years later we were sharing something I love to do.  Perhaps this is the first thing we have been able to do together in a long time.  We’re conspiring to get my other friend who lives in DC hooked and getting a phonecall from her over Thanksgiving asking me what ribbing looks like I think it will be easier than we think.

Swallowtail Shawl

What I find so satsifying is that it’s just so creative and relaxing. You have to LOVE what you’re doing.  There’s just too much time we spend doing things we may not want to do.  You have to put something in there worth smiling about.  These are my Christmas gifts as I love making other people smile.  This shawl is going to my wonderful boyfriend’s mother.  The woman who created and raised the man I love so dearly.  Damn, she did a good job.  I hope she will wear this shawl and know how thankful I am for her.

Christmas Shawls

14 thoughts on “Swallowtail

  1. Denise says:

    Margaux you are like a child prodigy knitter!I have not been able to make the Tuesday knitting at Frozen Monkey after that first time, it turns out that Tuesday is never good for me. But if you want to come to the Jersey City meeting on Sunday evenings, 6 – 9, let me know, you would be a great addition to the group.


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