ready. set.


Shifting Sands

The knitting has begun for Drew’s Scarf.  The yarn has been selected (Sundara, you genius).  The pattern carefully chosen (thanks Grumperina!).  Now all that’s left is the knit.  I fumbled at first but successfully figured out the magic of knitting cables without a cable needle.  The a-ha moment came when I was two rows in and some minor ripping took place.  But I’m now well on my way with the pattern memorized.

The yarn is luxurious. But you need not hear that from me… we all know Sundara’s Yarn is like Godiva Chocolate.  (Chocolate Covered Strawberries, anyone?) It’s silky soft and this is the Red I was talking about.  It is a bit more deeper than the picture above represents but has moments of lighter variations which makes it all the more unique.  I am absolutely loving it. 

I did learn yesterday that my dear bro will not be able to fly home for Christmas this year.  A sad fact for me to accept as we’ve always been together thus far.  So now, with the speed of the Swallowtail in my immediate past I hope to finish this scarf in time to mail it to him.  So that on that wonderful day,  he can put it around his shoulders and know we are there even an ocean away.

***Thank you!! To all of you who have left such wonderful comments about my both Swallowtail and Shetland.  I am beyond delighted!  I even broke into the Double Digits!  I really appreciate all you who read and make me feel accomplished as a knitter.  I cannot be more humbled by this, really! Wow.  Thank you for making me smile.***

6 thoughts on “ready. set.

  1. Necia says:

    Aha, now you see why I was determined to learn cabling without a cable needle. It really does make the knitting fly by faster. The scarf is looking great. i love the colorway. I’m hoping I’ll have time to enjoy your sometime at Funky Monkey, I just dread having to wait for the bus going home. It be cooooooooold.


  2. jacqueline says:

    aww….it is so sucky that he won’t be home for christmas but i cannot think of a better yarn and pattern choice. he is going to just be thrilled. i am sure it will help in making that pond of water almost dissappear.


  3. Lola says:

    Isn’t it freeing w/o the cable needle? I’m to a point that when I see a cable needle, I laugh at it. In my head, cause that’d be mean to do in the LYS… Love the scarf. Can’t wait to see it finished.


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