i love me some lists

the knitting for my bro’s fab scarf is continuing… don’t want to bore you with the details.  it remains my only knitting project for now.  i can’t wait to finish it and show you.  it’s simply beautiful.

i am however making a mental knit-list which keeps growing and growing with every click. 

1. endpaper mitts by the fabulous eunny yang.  i cannot stop thinking of these and saw another pair knitted up and am now obsessed.

2. central park – i’ve been scheming with Fricknits over this one.  it will be done in the new year. oh yes it will be done.

3. Monkey – not only do i love the name but it’s been a while since i’ve felt inspired to do some socks. yea knitty!

4. shedir – this is going to be a christmas knit (stop your laughing, i am going to finish… 12 more days right?  Twelve long days… I have the calmer ready and waiting.) I’m excited to do this one too with my new found libration from cable needles!

5. Santa Hat – I really love the one from Handknit Holidays and am hoping to pick up some Blue Sky from my LYS to do this one for the big day too. (noted two hats in 12 days, plus finishing scarf)

6. Odessa, although I didn’t really love LOVE the pattern, I gave my hat to someone and just loved it on them so I figured I’d gift one more for Christmas (ok, three hats one scarf 12 Days)

I also bought this really great skein when I was in VT.  It’s probably only good for a short scarf. I love the colors: pinks, browns, and creams. This would be for me but with the above list I think it’s gonna have to wait.

Sorry this post is sans pics, it’s really gloomy here today so it’s really a no go. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll have some decent light.  Perhaps some from work shots tomorrow.  It’s a 12:30 dismissal and our Christmas party… I hear there’s going to be wine!   

Now to ponder while I work the scarf: Fringe or Not to Fringe?

3 thoughts on “i love me some lists

  1. Kelly-Marie says:

    Well, I see your list and I notice some similarities!
    I have done half a sleeve of Central Park so far – it’s quick, fun and easy. I also have Shedir aspirations but neither the balls nor time to be wearing it by the 25th. I also wouldn’t mind some endpaper mitts…


  2. Christine says:

    We totally have some of the same to be knits on our list!! I made myself promise to finish the christmas knitting, then two ufos and then I can start something new. Hopefully I’ll make it. Good luck with your knitting.


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