keepin’ myself together

it’s the season of keeping secrets.  mine of course have to be kept so underwraps that i won’t even speak of them here for fear one of it’s recipients may read.  it would give me so much pleasure to blurt to everyone what their secret is but then that absolutly ruins the fun.  i almost have to keep careful track of whos secret belongs to whom.  i’ve caught myself so many times almost letting the cat out of the bag…so tonight i’m happy to be alone enjoying a few romantic movies on cable, my knitting needles and a bottle of pino noir.

i’ve decided tonight that it’s really a possibility that i have A.D.D.  knitting/craft A.D.D that is.  everytime i think of making one thing… i concentrate on it for a bit (and when i say concentrate i really mean obsess) and then something new and glorious comes around and then I want to do THAT instead… there’s just too many options!  the internets allow a plethora (yes, El Guapo, I do know what a plethora is) of craft ideas that  simply encourage attention deficit.  there’s just too much to do and not enough me/hands/time to do it!

This Add has caused me to change up the Christmas knits a bit.  Instead of hats I’m doing a scarf and some wire votives.  I figured that they could be made up in a weeks time… (someone just say yes)  I’m also really into the glass etching for a few presents.  I have always wanted to try it out and having seen them over at Ellie‘s it’s pretty much a done deal.  And those koriesse people are too much!

I am very close to finishing Andrew’s scarf (about an egg’s size left!). I may be pulling an all nighter tonight.  I really want to move on to the other projects and show you all!

I will be helping at the shop this weekend so if you’re around Hoboken… pop on by!

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