Christmas Goodies


A very merry christmas to you all!  Many carols were sung at this piano, wine glasses filled, dirty jokes shared and wrapping paper strewn all over the floor.

It’s now that in between time of the big holidays where christmas returns are made and days are happily spent being lazy, drinking wine in the afternoons and going to bed at any tme.  I’m happily indulging in all things with my brother who is home only until tomorrow. We are partaking in a 24 marathon tonight.  Living in London has starved him from Jack Bauer.

I was throughly blessed with all things knit this Christmas.  Of course, my mom, brother and my boyfriend’s mother all were so suprised and happy with their presents.  The shawls were a huge success as both mothers didn’t take them off once opened.  (not suprising right!?)

Happily I was gifted with three beautiful knitting books.  Victorian Lace Today, The Opinionated Knitter, and Homespun Handknits.  I’m already obessed with the first book as I have been actively lurking at the KAL.  The second of course is by the great KnitGodess herself, EZ!  The last is a fabulous book filled with great mitten, hat and scarf patterns.  Yes that aforementioned list of my current "knit wish" is so being modified!

My aunt and uncle also bought me this gorgeous yarn from a local spinner.  It’s a stunning blue.  I haven’t even thought of what to make with it yet.  It’s certainly enough for at least two shawls.


And how can you have a christmas without these little guys…


I wish everyone a very wonderful holiday and a happy New Year!

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