a new year

the first knit of 07 is… the Central Park Hoodie! (oh Mrs.Frick, are you swatching?)


It’s traveling with me to Minnesota today and I’m sure it will be the only thing on the needles for a while.  After making so many smaller projects like scarves and votives it feels great to get something bigger on the needles again.

I’m off to witness the first of my college friends to get married.
She met her soon to be husband in Florida but it turns out they’re both MN natives.  They have since relocated to Denver, CO and thankfully got to MN before all the snow madness that is ocurring there now. I will be with my other crazy beautiful roomates and friends.

I won’t be back until Jan.1 (HAPPY SUPER BIRTHDAY CARA!)  So I wish Everyone a good one.  To another year of good knits, friends, full glasses of wine (or your drink of choice), and hope.

7 thoughts on “a new year

  1. Cara says:

    DUDE! I’m totally knitting that too! I just got the pattern yesterday and am about to start a swatch. Have a great trip – safe travel. And thanks for the bday wishes – HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  2. Kelly says:

    Mine is in progress too! I’ve managed two sleeves and about an inch of back ribbing – doesn’t it go speedily?
    I might put another hour in before bed, despite it being midnight here…


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