diez equiz

ahh Cara, how I love thee.  After reading her meme that was to list 10 things beginning with a letter that was assigned to her, I thought, "Hey this might be fun!"… well I should have known better because of COURSE Cara would give me X.  So here we gaux!

X – The most underappreciated letter of the alphabet and perhaps the easiest to write after the letter L.  Also stands for the roman numeral 10 which is close to my heart considering I was born on 10/10 or (X/X for those playing along).  I also am extremely proud of the spelling of my name which ends in X.  People always confuse it for an S or Z.. honestly who’s name is Margaus or Margauz?

xoxo – Who doesn’t love hugs and kisses? I am a truly affectionate and caring person.  I LOVE hugs.  I love giving them and I love recieving them.  There truly is nothing better to brighten my day than a Huge Meaningful HUG.  I hate hugs that are halvies (like one arm) and I so dislike people who recieve my hugs with limp arms. It’s like I’m hugging a tree.  As for kisses well… french kisses, eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, Hershey Kisses… i do not discriminate!

xerofulogitis – which literally means "lost for words".  As much as most people may think I’m a huge talker, there are many many moments when I feel like I just don’t know what to say.  I consider myself a pretty good listener (except when I zone out watching movies or my fav TV shows) but I really do take to heart people’s feelings and opinions.  I don’t however easily offer my own. Sometimes it’s because I can’t really work out the problem alone either… I get stumped.  I find that I have friends who are excellent and giving advice and I envy their ease at seeming to know the right answer…

xyz – I am SO that type of person to tell That Guy his zipper is open or That Poor Lady she has spiniach in her teeth.  Why on earth would you let someone walk around with things like that?  Often I’m fixing labels that are sticking out or letting someone know that there’s toliet paper stuck to their shoes.I for one am a LOVER of poppy seed bagels and it’s always a search party for each poppy that makes it way into my teeth.  I am always appreciative of any kind soul that gives me a hand.

x-men – My brother always had comics hanging around when he was younger and one of his favorites was Wolverine from the X-men.  Natrually I always found them laying around and in an effort to be just like him I would read them, too.  I love the Xmen.  Both comics and the movies are so cool to me.  The idea that someday our DNA will evolvoe to produce humans that may have special powers is so intriguing to me (probably also why i love the show Heroes so much).  Often times I wish I had a super power… mostly to stop time so that I can knit, sleep, or snuggle for as long as I want.

xxx – oh wouldn’t you like to know 😉

x-factor – I defintely believe that there is a unknown variable that is at work in our lives.  Call it God, Allah, Jesus or Karma or whatever you’d like.  There’s always something out there that you cannot predict or cannot control (we all hate it and love it at the same time).  It’s what makes life beautiful and devistating and why we fight so hard for it.

x almost never marks the spot – Indiana Jones once said that in his archeology classes and yet  he always followed that in his quests for the Ark, Sacred Stones or the Holy Grail.  But I think that what happened to him along the way was always his bigger adventure.  It is that way I see my life.  Often times you have this goal and you strive hard to reach that goal.  But really it’s all the things that happen in reaching the X that make up the best moments and soon X isn’t really where you thought it would be. 

Xiphias – My parents would tell me that when I was a baby they would always find me staring at the sky while they were driving me places, especially at night.  A xiphias is a swordshaped comet (or a school of swordfish).  I love the stars.  Just look at them makes me feel so small and yet so in awe of how huge our universe is.  There’s no way we’re the only one’s here … which leads me to

X-Files – i hate ghost or alien stories but when you’re from New Jersey they’re everywhere.  We even have a magazine that prides itself on finding the weridest most undescribable eeire places and stories.  Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.  Oh and… What ever happened to David Duchovney?  That’s probably filed in a x-file itself.

Phew… can’t believe I could do it without cheating with an "ex" word!  X-cellent!  Want a letter? I’ll be kind 😉 promise.  X my heart!

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