70 degrees

This insane weather we’re having in Jersey is confusing the heck out of everything.  Birds are chirping and not flying south, trees are budding, deer are out having a blast, bears are probably besides themselves since I can only imagine how much they adore sleeping for 3 months straight. 

For me it’s just the same.  Wintery months are for cozing up on the couch under a warm blanket and knitting.  It’a s time to knit new socks because your apartment is too cold and your feet are begging for them.  Only now I find myself OUTDOORS playing pick up games of basketball or walking in the city to a dinner party with the BF wearing only a simple Pashmina! (noted that i really must make a rockin’ shawl for these occasions).  It’s a January fit for California.

I should stop all my moaning and enjoy this unseasonably warm weather.  I can pretend it’s summer again and sit at the park knitting on a blanket using my new and chic knitting bag!!

Jordana Paige Bag

Jordana Paige’s bags are so fabu!  This one was a gift from my dear friend Patricia’s.  She let me even choose what color I wanted! Can you believe!?  She currently has a trunk show at her shop with the whole collection of beautiful bags by the great Jordana.  It’s a great gift for someone who loves to knit but perhaps wouldn’t think to buy themselves a luxury bag.  And for you knitters, go spoil yourself… this bag is awesome.

For now, I’ll pack up my CP (back finished, front left almost done…) and enjoy the seasonably warm weather… that is until the Giants play. 

4 thoughts on “70 degrees

  1. Nery says:

    I love your JP bag – what color is it??? I have the red one and get compliments on it all the time but I wanted it in black. Please do not say this is black!!!


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