Why is it that I always make these wonderful promises to myself that begin on Monday?  Alas the "margaux makeover":

– Ahh I shouldn’t eat that brownie sunday… will start eating right Monday.
– Nap or work out? Ahh Nap… will work out on Monday.
– I’ll just buy this one cute top now… saving will start on Monday

Well here you are, Monday, and it’s rainy and sad out and there is no motivation in your weather today!  But there are some signs of hope that I will at least TRY to make these "resolutions" work… I finally woke up this morning feeling refreshed rather than groggy like I did all last week.  I didn’t buy coffee this morning and feel pretty awake, surprisingly. Plus, I’ve taken on a new attitude at work.  I will not worry about the things I cannot change, only of the things I can. (AA much?) And if all else fails throw in a few knit rows here and there and feel a bit better!

Central Park

At the moment I’m watching the rain fall from my office window and doing a little work on CP.  I finished the left front last night and started the right front during the Giants game.  I had to rip out the right front 3 times while watching Tiki’s last game. I’d say it’s Bye Bye to Coughlin and I really am hoping Eli comes around and shows a little more heart/emotion next year (i mean take some from Shockey, will ya?)… at least I have my knitting…

I found a KAL yesterday with some other goregous Central Park Hoodies! Have you seen Aquaknits!?  I may need to make another just with Cascade 220!  So far it has truly been a quick knit.  I plan on doing the sleeves at the same time.. but of course the seaming is the toughest part for me. So I still have a ways to go.

In the meantime as a part of this "margaux makeover", I’m excited about participating in the 365 photo project. I’ve been reading about this on many blogs and finally checked it out.   It’s quite a huge challenge but I feel excited about the idea of taking a photo a day.  I don’t plan on Posting one everyday but I’ve already set up a flickr set and will probably do a "week in review" every here and there.  I took several classes on photography in college and it always helps when you have an assignment vs just freelancing it. One of my professors took (or stlil takes) a picture of himself every morning.  He’s been doing it for at least 10 years – it’s Amazing when you see them all together. I digress.  I’m gonna put a little button the the sidebar eventually so you can check out my progress, too, if you want… 

I should probably go back to focusing on the job that allows me to buy all my yarn.  Maybe just one more row…

3 thoughts on “margaux-lutions

  1. Kim says:

    Oh my gosh, I do the SAME THING! You know how much damage I probably do on Saturday by saying, “Oh, it’s OK, I’ll start doing better on Monday!” Oh well, at least we’re trying at all, right?!


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