One resolution I did not make this year was one that involved no new purchases to the stash.  I know I need to budget regardless. Not to mention I have a nice collection of yarns that are yearning for my attention before new major yarn purchases are made.  But when the BF asks you to make a hat… You make him a hat. 

Blue Sky Alpaca

My west-coaster friend Sarah led me on to this cool hat site: Coal Headwear, which features hand knit and machine knit hats.  Her favorite is The Nels (unisex hats – beanies) which includes a separate neck warmer that is buttoned to the top.  It provides multiple wearing options!  I don’t plan on making both pieces just yet. I simply  like the reverse stockinette stitching and will be using that as my frame of reference for the BF’s hat.

Of course a trip to my LYS for the BF also meant that I would fetch a little something for myself, too.


I must have done something really well at work that day because I was also happily spoiled by the owner as well!  Patricia was in San Diego at the TNNA all weekend and so generously brought me back some goodies!

a gift from san diego

Koigu mill ends! (the brain is storming over what to make with them!) with a signed copy of the Painters Palette by the dyers themselves.  The book is filled with gorgeous patterns made of the KPPPM and Kersti yarns.  Not to mention the history of their business which makes knitting with their yarn so much more meaningful than before.  I also got a signed copy of the The Friday Night Knitting Club book that Julia Roberts is bringing to the big screen.  I cannot say enough how thrilled I am that she and her husband thought of me. 

I’m happily smitten at home tonight with all the knits and gifts.  The Monkey socks and Hoodie are still both coming along. I’m finally on the sleeves and hope to do a good deal of them this weekend so that I can start the hood.  As for the monkey, one foot down – one more to go.

Central Park Hoodie        Monkey Socks

My posting might be a bit sporadic the next two weeks as it’s Super Courting Mode at my school.  This is the time of year when our acceptances and registration happens for the class of 2011.  It kills me to say that so naturally… Twenty Eleven.  I can barely think of tomorrow, let alone 4 years from now.  I have multiple nights in the next two weeks (6 to be exact) that will require me to schmooze parents and daughters alike.  I’m in my full sales mode.  The only thing I’m looking forward to is the downtime I will have in the afternoons between school and Schmooze Night to knit! (plus the TiVoed hours of 24 and Grey’s).

2 thoughts on “indulgences

  1. Cara says:

    Score! Nice stuff. And good luck with all the parents. I’m FINALLY on track with CPH – it’s going to take forever though. Thank you for all your help!


  2. Stacey says:

    mmmm- those will make great projects – the yarn is so soft and squishy looking!
    love Koigu mill ends!! I got a bunch at the MD festival and made some socks with contrasting heels/toes (you could almost do one color for heels, one for toes, one for cuff, one for leg and one for foot – how neat!)
    looking forward to seeing monkey all done!


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