The winter weather has finally hit New Jersey.  I opened the door to my apartment on Friday morning surprised to see the white stuff covering the street and cars.  I even had an audible exclamation.  Helps too because I did not look outside my window or check the weather report so frankly I had no idea. I was completely and utterly unprepared for the snow and had to wipe off the powdery stuff with a flip flop that I found in the trunk of my car. (Note: It pays to leave random crap like that in trunks for moments like these).

A few hours later it melted when the sun came out.  There are still remnants of the stuff in shadowy corners but all that’s left now is the bitter cold.  Just in time though I cranked out the hat for the BF. 

Jimmy's Hat

My first official out of nowhere FO of 07!  He loved it so much that he commissioned me to make another with a different color combination.  With the three skeins of Blue Sky I had more than enough for two.  I just made the pattern up (simple stockinette beanie), did a little gauge, casted on 88, worked the pattern and decreased evenly at the top.  Friday night cast on to Saturday morning wear – this puppy was quick!.

Top of Jimmy's Hat

He sported his hat out on the town last night.  We walked 5 blocks in the freezing cold to a great Mexican restaurant, had a little red wine sangria and walked home  Despite the fact that we were both wearing warm wool hats our faces still turned red with runny noses.  I prefer this type of weather with the pretty precipitation…  I mean,  why have cold freezing weather without snow?

The only other consolation?  The urge to knit more! And having seen berets pretty much everywhere. I now have the extreme urge to make one.  Poor, CPH, will your sleeves ever get done?

5 thoughts on “brrrrrrr

  1. stacey says:

    so true – it’s been bitterly cold here in MA too, but no snow at all! it seems weird to have one without the other!
    the hat is great – simple, but so functional!


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