Devastated Excitement

This week has been one of my busiest at work.  It’s a time when parents are either overly excited or devastated with the decision that was made with their daughter’s admission.  There is no in between.  It’s either the highest high or the lowest low.  Normally I’m an in between teetering to a higher emotion all the time personality.  But the vibes from both kinds of families are putting me out of whack.

CPH Sleeves

Excited: The CPH Hoodie is getting there.  The sleeves are coming along.  It’s slow going with two sleeves at once but I’m pushing along.  I am doing the double duty of counting 10 rows between cable turns and 8 rows between increases.  I’ve thankfully begun to notice how the stitches lie so that I can pick it up and count them without worry on what row I am.

Devastated:  I want to keep knitting them but have so much going on with school that they’re being neglected.  Plus, knitting a sweater is a long commitment and frankly I’m about ready to get this puppy

Black Water Abby

Excited: I got my wonderful package of free color cards from Black Water Abby after seeing them on Fricknits.  Beautiful! I am scheming to do the Seamless Hybrid for my BF.  I was going to connect that to the Project Spectrum by making him a blue sweater with grey hems.  Just don’t tell me about that myth, Ok?

Devastated:  Who knows when I’ll be able to buy the yarn and I must finish some of my other needle projects first.  And maybe I’m worried about that myth just a little bit… (a wee bit).

Excited: I’m seeing two of my friends tonight for a wine tasting/cooking class event.  I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to being with them. It’s so nice to just be with the girls and to have the freedom to do this.

Devastated: Reading a article about Darfur.  It seriously breaks my heart it’s so sad.  So utterly sad.  I truly hope that we can help end genocide everywhere.  Why do people do this!? 

Excited: My mom left yesterday to go pick up my grandmother who is moving back to New Jersey.  I am so happy to have her close.

Devastated: My grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer’s and therefore does not think I have graduated HS let alone know who I am. 

Excited: That you all are out there who listen and read and make me want to be a better knitter, person, thinker, writer, me.

There’s definitely no devastation to that.

6 thoughts on “Devastated Excitement

  1. JulieFrick says:

    It has been a helluva week around here, too. Seems to be catching. The CPH looks gorgeous. I can’t get over those Blackwater Abbey colors, but people have told me it’s not soft enough. I’d like to see for myself, because I’d absolutely hate to give up on colors like that, you know? So rich.


  2. Lola says:

    I love your CPH yarn. Must go back and find the name.
    Alzheimer’s is the worst disease ever. My grandma’s reached it’s peak while I was in grade school. Unfortunately, I was old enough to know how horrible it was on everyone. Try to remember the good times, no matter how hard.


  3. stacey says:

    wow. that is one heck of a week. I think emotional ups and downs are harder then one constant (either all up or all down) – the rollercoaster ride takes its toll!
    The CPH is coming along great – it’ll be done in no time!


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