friday, i’m in love

thank you so much for the kind words yesterday. I’m feeling phenomenally better today! One, because last night’s wine tasting and cooking demo was fabulous – I even won a bottle at the end of the night!   Two, the fact that it’s Friday is an upper in itself. And three, I’m testing out a new yarn and I love it.


My LYS picked up some new Sheep Shop Yarn which she discovered from her last trade show. This one is their Sheep 2 yarn in green.  It’s SO soft! The yarn is a 2 ply bulky and has such a great twist to it. The color has a slight variation with great stitch definition.  I knew she was going to be getting some so I did a little research and then read their yarn review.  So, hey thought I’d give it a try and now I know just what to make…


I’ve been looking for a while for a great yarn to try the Leaf Lace Pullover and I think this is the one! It’s bulky enough and it’s such a great green.

Do you want to hear something completely silly of me?  I proceed to knit the yarn on 10.5 needles getting 3 stitches to an inch. Oh, way to big I say… it’s got to be 4 stitches/in..  So I rip it out and switch to 9s which is getting me 3 and then some… ooh getting somewhere but of course the gauge swatch is a bit tight and then I think so myself, "wait, is this really right?" 

I look again and read the gauge: 10 stitches to 4 inches… wait a minute…  That’s 2.5 stitches to the inch and not  4. Somehow my mind calculated that as 4 stitches to one inch. Instead of dividing the sucker I multiplied. Riiight.  I think it’s time for me to put down the needles and unwind a bit.

Now, where’s that wine I won?

9 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Jane says:

    Hi! I am a brand-new knitter and I saw your striped hat that you finished for this year.
    Did you write up this pattern?
    I would love to make that hat for my teenage son.
    I love your blog…so full of knitting stuff!


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