Well Rested

It feels so great to finally sleep in and have a day where I don’t have to be anywhere!  Yesterday I woke up at 7:30am (an ungodly hour for a Saturday) to be at my school by 8:30 to proctor a scholarship test.  Granted I was home by 12 and took a little ‘noozer, it still doesn’t feel as good as sleeping in.

CHP sleeve done!

I finished my CPH sleeves!  If you were to ask the BF what I was doing on Friday night it was knitting like a mad woman on these sleeves.  I got to a point where I just wanted to get them done and nothing – not dinner, not sleep or a few glasses of wine were going to get in my way.    I casted off right before we went out to dinner last night.  They’re a little on the bigger side but figure that’s good since I’ve read on the internets that the sleeves run a bit tight.

I did have a minor panic attack on whether or not I would have enough yarn left.  Correct me if I’m wrong but let’s say you get gauge for a certain pattern and it says you need x amount of balls.  It shouldn’t matter what yarn you use because if you get gauge you’ll still need to order X amount and hypothetically no more.  Of course that is the theory but not the reality.  I’ve come to realize in my short stint as a sweater knitter you probably could need more or less yarn in any situation to get gauge… Thus the rule of thumb – buy more than what you think you need. (Sure, must remember that for Leaf Lace)

Classic Elite Skye Tweed

While working on the sleeeves I had 5 balls left and was starting another ball for my left sleeve.  In my mind  I am guessitmating I will need at least two for the hood and one for the trim plus seams.  I was in deep panic mode until I casted off the sleeves last night and have 3 completely unused balls and two somewhat used.  I should be fine, right?

I ‘ve already used about half of the slightly used ball from above and have about 4 inches done on the hood.  I should get another two inches out of that which means that one more  full ball would be enough for the hood.  This may not be as bad as a nail biter as I thought it was going to be.  I cannot wait to get this done!

I hope everyone else enjoys this nice sunny Sunday.  My 2nd week of hellish work begins tomorrow so I’m enjoying this while I can.

9 thoughts on “Well Rested

  1. noune says:

    Whaouh !!! Your knitting is so beautiful !!! Excuse me but I don’t speak a good english (I’m French) but I can’t go away without post a message of congratulation !!! All the yarns are so wonderfull !!!


  2. jacqueline says:

    i can completely relate to those moments where you just have to knit all night like a mad woman in order to get something done.
    as far as yarn quantities go…i am terribly conservative and live in constant fear of running out which inevitably means i always have left over yarn at the end of a project. at this point in time, like you i would be a bit worried (but it is in my nature i think!)


  3. sarah says:

    so after seeing all these mentions of CPH-this CPH-that, and realizing that it probably has nothing to do with NPH’s (Neil Patrick Harris’) brother–if he even has one named Chris–i did some digging and found a picture of this exalted CPH.
    diva, this hoodie is HOT. um… where can i get a number to stand in line for a margauxelena custom?


  4. Brenda says:

    Wow, you are really knitting this up quickly, and it looks fantastic! I’m glad you seem to have enough yarn. Looking forward to the FO.
    I hope your week is the least hellish it can be.


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