central park hoodie


On a much deserved day off I have not taking this beautiful and happily warm hoodie off.   My whole weekend had been filled with happenings here and there.  My Saturday was filled with school events and Sunday I enjoyed myself at Patricia’s Superbowl sale before heading to my BF’s house for the game.

I seamed this up while watching the SB. I love how no one gave me any flack for seaming while watching the game.  I did partake in a few party events (read: beer pong) in between the sleeve caps – it’s a wonder how they all came together sans sobriety.  This sweater is so comfortably warm and delicious and with the weather at a high of 19 degrees it was finished just in time.  I still need to get some buttons for it and will hopefully do that this week. 

I had been worried that this sweater was going to be scratchy.  It was started right after finishing Andrew’s scarf so going from beautiful Sundara silky merino to straight wool was a bit tough.  I cannot lie that at first I wasn’t really into it because of the roughness.  After a nice bath in the soak though I was not disappointed.


Pattern: Central Park Hoodie from Fall 06 Knit Scene
Yarn: 10 – 11 balls of Classic Elite Skye Tweed
Needles: Size  6 and 8 circular needles

I didn’t make any modifications to this sweater but if I were to knit this again I might make the body a tinge bit longer and the sleeves shorter.  The pattern was very well written and only had a few minor mistakes that were easy to pick up.  I promise to get some better pics, I was pretty much in bed all day (hence the very serious face above!) today only getting off my toosh to take these pics… but anyway, the first sweater of the year is Done and Done!


You didn’t think I would waste any time while this hoodie was blocking, did you?

26 thoughts on “central park hoodie

  1. Sheila says:

    The hoodie looks great. I have read about the Central Park Hoodie from many blogs but had not seen it before. It is beautiful and I can see why so many people wanted to knit it. You did a beautiful job. And why shouldn’t you knit the hoodie up while watching the game? I always knit while watching TV and especially sports. I have a hard time following hockey and knitting. The action is too fast.


  2. Lola says:

    Great job on the entire sweater. But I must give you a huge cheer for the seaming while watching the SB & playing beer pong! Don’t know how you did it and didn’t have the sleeves attached to the hood. Well, that’s what would have happened to me.


  3. jillz says:

    It’s lovely! I just swatched for mine today. I’m using Rowanspun Aran in Hardy (a green like the one in the magazine). I’ll take your comments about length into consideration, I’m going to make some pattern notes on my lunch break tonight before I cast on for the back.


  4. Norma says:

    It’s not too late for me to rip back a few rows and make the body longer. I’ve been wondering about that. How tall are you, out of curiosity? I’m short, so I don’t know if I should make it longer or not. I WILL remember to make the sleeves shorter. I always get caught out on that — all my sleeves have to be rolled up.
    I LOVE your hoodie!


  5. JulieFrick says:

    Woot! Looks fantastic! I’m gonna get back to mine after I get one little knitting monkey off of my back. How do we end up with knitting obligations? The messes I get myself into…


  6. jacqueline says:

    it looks fantastic…and really lovely and warm.
    you will have to post another photo with the buttons. i am debating between putting buttons or a zip on mine and would love to see how yours comes out.


  7. Allegra says:

    CPH looks fantastic!! I absolutely want to knit this, and maybe if I had energy (hah) and knit it up quickly I could actually wear it before I get too big!. Yours just looks great!


  8. Martha Wilborn says:

    About how much extra yarn do you think it would take for the Viking cables variation of the CPH? How many yards did yours use and what size did you make?


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