the perfect (knit) storm

What do you get when you have large needles, a soft and luxurious bulky yarn, a fabulous pattern and a sheer obsession of knitting?


Why a nearly finished Leaf Lace Pullover, of course.  All the pieces are knit and are now being seamed and set to block this very evening.  What can I tell you that you perhaps can already assume?  I love the yarn, the pattern was easy and straight forward to follow, and the absolute speed at which this knit up is slightly spoiling. I say that only because my next hopeful knits, the seamless hybrid and glee, both have much smaller gauges and won’t knit up as quick as this did.  I certainly have plans on making another – perhaps for a friend.  There is a small mistake with the pattern as I’m sure other people have mentioned – it says to bind off the top portion of the sweater only to kitcherner it up later…  silly, Rabbit, Trix like that are for kids.  Other than that I love the pattern. Loop D Loop is such a creative book which only inspires more fabulous knits.

I do though have some other WIPs that will make the other sweater knitting go faster.  Lest ye forget that I still have to finish one monkey sock and another fetching mitt (why oh why haven’t I done it sooner considering how fast that is as well?  one must succumb to the knit cravings)

I feel a bit on a low swing in the knitphoria having finished two huge projects back to back so quickly… I’m like, "hmmm ok, what’s next?"  I know when I get the yarn for the other projects my knit mojo will be kicked back up, until then I will wait for my leaf lace to dry.. can you say Photoshoot!

9 thoughts on “the perfect (knit) storm

  1. StacyZ says:

    Looks great! I finished mine a month ago and yet to put the darn button on. I love the shade of green you selected.
    *oh new here hope that is okay I found your blog by searching for sundara yarn pics. You have a good one!


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