Famous Whenever Words

You must be asking yourself, "after the speed at which she knit the Leaf Lace Pullover (remember Bulky wool!), how long must it take her to get a decent picture of it for all to see?"  Can I confess something?  While it’s all seamed up and ready to go, the obsticle that has slowed me down is the friggin’ button.  I did get one over the weekend but found that none of the needles I had could fit through the little holes and I haven’t had a moment to go to a store to get some proper needles. I’m not making any true promises to anyone as I can barely keep those promises to myself.  So blame the button and part my procrastnation. "Why do today, what can be put off until tomorrow?"

It’s supposed to snow royally here which will be fun if I can get a day off (yea working at schools!) or not fun (Ugh, driving to work in snow!) if I must come in.  Obviously a Snow Day will be used knitting up other fun things like mittens, another monkey sock and maybe finising a 2nd BF hat.  The little immediate gratification knits, how I love thee.

I’m still waiting on an order for starting Glee ("patience is a virtue") and I also still need to measure my BF for his potential sweater (which frankly i’m not starting juuuust yet, yes yes I believe, I believe, no sweater for the boyfriend).  I have been though at least swatching for it.  I’m using it as practice. I’m trying hard to get into a rhythm for continental knitting.  I am normally an english knitter and feel pretty darn good about it, but know that it’s always good to learn new things and become more versitile.  "One should never feel like they’ve learned "enough" of anything!"  So I have resorted to just knitting continental for now… believe me it’s getting easier but I always feel like changing back to the Old Ways.  Hey, "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it."


Outside of my knitty life things in tentenknits land are changing.  My apartment lease is up and it’s time to get a move on.  It’s truly sad because I love (Love!) my current apartment.  It is big and the location is great, but the owners have decided to sell my building and therefore I’m out on my tutkis. I’m hoping to strike gold a second time with the hope of finding another apartment with such luxuries (Cross my fingers, toes and knitting needles).  As they say, "Change is good."

What mottos do you live by?

One thought on “Famous Whenever Words

  1. Brenda says:

    I hope you get your snow day! They’re not really a possibility here in California.
    I love the blue for the BF sweater. I don’t worry about curses–13 is a good number for me.;)
    Since I tend to see worse case scenarios, I like the line of Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon:
    Nothing very bad is going to happen here.


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