Valentine’s Snow

Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow flow straight to my lover’s heart for me! For meee!

(I love that song! I mean does it not make you think of Innerspace?)

I’m beyond delighted that the snow/slush/ice has caused a day off.  Reason #2394 why I love my day job.  As I suspected I will be spending my day cozed up on the couch, knitting a bit and preparing the menu for my special dinner for tonight.  We’re talking steak and potatoes tonight – a good yummy favorite.  Last night I had such a great time at my knit group.  There were 4 new people that joined us and I couldn’t be more delighted.  Again, knitting has proven not just to be a really wonderful creative hobby but a great connector. I am looking forward to next Tuesday!

And although Project Spectrum is in the blue, grey and white months – today is devoted to the reds… and how I do love the reds.

Louet Gems Opal

This I’m hoping to create finally my own "Cranberry" Beret.  I’m using Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Patterns as a guide and have already gotten past the 1×1 ribbing. It looks kinda small to me now but we’ll see when I have a bit more done.

Also in my battle with the Second Sock Syndrome, my monkey has returned…

Monkey the Sequel

See that pile of STR in the backgound? I am really hoping and a wishin’ it’s going to be enough for sock #2.  I have been doing the scienfitic method of holding both the working sock and the ball of yarn in seperate hands and shaking them a bit to see if I think they feel the same.  This is a time where it would be really truly advantageous of me to get one of those mesauring thingys.  I’ll just be hopeful!

I wish everyone a nice comfy and warm V-Day!

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