batting .200

After hitting a few home runs, I’ve found my self in a knitting slump. I was crusing along knitting to my hearts desire, whipping out FOs here and there and now I’m like "Ehe".  The problem I know has to do with the small needles and the teenie tiny yarn that I’m working with for both the sock and the beret pattern.  Worsted and Bulky weight will do that to you – especially the bulky.  Shame on you bulky.  Why do you just give in so?  So eager and apt to please me like you do.

It’s like I have Phenominal Cosmic Knitting Powers, itty bitty knitting mojo.  I need a dosage of "knits-i-would-stay-up-for-all-night" or some might call, "Start-itis". Please someone infect me!   Glee has the potiential but alas no yarn so I must find something in between to kick start the fire.  I want to be overwhelmed as I have been in the past and those past potential knits are still out there but the flame has sizzled a bit.  Enter a new to me book Classic Knits by Erika Night, I haven’t even see it yet but for my J.Crew/Banana Republic influence wardrobe I feel like it might be just the thing.


After reading a few book reviews on the internets I think a quick trip to B&N with my gift card might be in order!  I’ve seen her Glamrous Knit book and know she’s a woman of great designer talent. Somehow though her other book didn’t seem to have many practical things-I-would-wear knits where this does.

I am finding so much gratifcation with my CPH that I want to have other everyday sweaters in my wardrobe. It’s so thrilling and fun to wear something you’ve knit and actually LOVE wearing it.  I think it’s time to do a little shopping ;-).

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