Leaf Lace Pullover

Leaf Lace Pullover

When I teach my beginners knitting class I always tell them that learning to knit is just like learning to do anything else – it will take time.  When you learn how to drive you don’t start on the highway, you start in an empty parking going slow getting to know the gas and brake.  When you learn the piano you practice simple scales day in and out and then tackle Beetoven’s 5th Symphony.

So even while I tell them how it just takes practice while repeating the mantra, "the more you do it the better you become," it still surprises me when I can finish a FO in what seams like record time that my own silly advice actually works.  Here I am in my car doing 110mph on the autobon blazing a trail…


A few thoughts on this delicously comfortable sweater:
– I would defintitely next time make the torso a bit longer – I don’t mind it as I’m 5’3 and it seems like a perfect fit, but one or two more rows might give it that extra comfort look.
– Seaming the sleeves was the toughest for me to handle as I found it hard making it fit into the already established hole instead of laying it flat like I did with my CPH.  I made it work but it felt slightly akward.
– the yarn was so soft! Again I used Sheep Shop Yarn, Sheep 2 in green which I picked up at my LYS.  I’ve never used it before and found it to be so soft and such a joy to knit with.  I love the color too – its beautiful change from light to dark really brought this sweater together for me.
– You need to block it pretty roughly to get the wide neck in this sweater. I kept pulling at it to make sure it looked right.

The finding and sewing the button was perhaps longer to do than knitting the sweater itself.  I got a little lazy in the end but finally finished it up.   I’m two sweaters more than I’ve ever done before and I cannot wait to cast on for another! (only… which one!?)

16 thoughts on “Leaf Lace Pullover

  1. Brenda says:

    Great sweater! Such beautiful greens in the yarn, and it is perfect for the pattern. Have you seen Stephanie Japel’s fitted, cable sweater in the spring IK? It’s been talking to me!


  2. Nery says:

    Stunning! I am glad to hear practice makes perfect. I am still very much a beginner but I do see that I am improving my skills. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!!!


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