My Cherie Amore

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on Leaf Lace!  I am so happy you all were patient enough with me and my laziness in finding a button!! But good things come to those who wait I guess.  So now, what’s next for me?

Why Mon Cherie!

Cherie Begins!

This is what happens when you stick someone in a yarn shop all weekend with nothing to knit. She goes back and forth on knit patterns, checks out what’s on all the shelves but comes to her senses and using something from her ever growing stash.

I knitted up a swatch with the gorgeous Cormo Silk Wool I had gotten way back at Rheinback from the great people at Foxfibre.  It seriously is about time that I made something with this gorgeous wool.  I didn’t want to knit just anything, I wanted to knit something that I knew I would wear, that would make buying this lovely soft silk/wool worth it.  At first  I though I would do Jemima by Anna.  A fabulous and simple raglan sweater which is still hot on my knit list. 

Then after seeing Classic Knits I thought, hmm a V-neck would be nice too! Such a great wearable work knit.  So I took out my 5s and went to work on the gauge swatch.  I was getting 21 sts to 4 inches pre-wash which was one stitch off the gauge (22 sts for 4in).  I then gave it a little soak and as suspected the yarn bloomed a bit to 20 sts to 4in.  Sigh, not going to work for the V.  Part of me wanted to go down a needle size but the other (slightly impatient) part knowing there are so many other great knits out there with that gauge decided to do a little hunting.

While at B&N on Friday I also got myself a copy of Vintage Knits which I had been coveting ever seen I saw Jarrett and Demi.  I paged through this fabulous pattern book and one simple yet stylish knit caught my eye… ahhh Cherie. 

Gauge swatch, Check!  (despite the fact that I was using 5s and it asked for 6s, but I digress). 
Color: Dark rust, Hmmm Goood.
Needles: Knit’em if you Got’em (5s and 4s, check!)
Yarn Mojo: Pretty little knit that I adore!

Cherie Back

After the leaf lace I find I like the slight boatneck on sweaters and this one has a similar style and I feel it is So Very Wearable.

Sing it with me Stevie, "La la laaa la la la, La la laaa la la la!"

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