snow way

Yesterday I was granted one more vacation day when at around 5:30am I recieved the call that my school was indeed closed for snow.  I got up all excited and continued the phone chain and looked out my window expecting to see cars buried in the whiteness – but no, the snow was a bit slushy and in my mind didn’t grant the snow day (but did I complain, oh hells no.)

I went back to sleep and in the end woke up around 8:30, got a little breakfast and did a little knitting.  Sure, I thought – I have this extra day, I should do something productive!  Work out? (ahem, no.) Laundry? (maybe tomorrow).  After wrestling with a few other ingenious ideas I decided that I could do a little apartment research – no pressure. 

My lease is up in my current apt on 3/31 and I have to get a move on as my building is being sold.  I have been lurking on rental websites and real estate sites and tso far nothing really sparked my fancy.

So with bowl of cereal in hand, I did a little clicking and there it was.  A one bedroom right off the main street with a pretty little rent (heat included!).  I grabbed my phone and dialed the number and reached the nice realtor who was happy to show it to me that very afternoon.  A jump in the shower and comb of the hair and I was on my way, excited but with no expectations.

Well my dear friends, I signed the lease to that apartment that very night in the company of my BF and wonderful mother.  It was mine, allll mine and such a complete surprise. It had a lovely big kitchen and big living room – a very tiny bedroom that yells "you’re only sleeping in here, hon!" and a bathtub that reminded me of the Money Pit movie (minus the breaking through the floor and Hanks’ seal laugh).

All I kept thinking that night and today was: No snow and no apartment. Snow and I’ve got a place to call my own for one more year in this fabulous Sinatra town.

9 thoughts on “snow way

  1. Brenda says:

    Congratulations on your apartment find! Every year I am always afraid that the owner of the condo we rent will want to sell it and we will have to move, but we signed a new lease last week. It’s a nice feeling.


  2. Ava says:

    Congrats on the apartment! There is a sign posted in our copy room about an apartment for rent and it sounds lovely. I am oh-so-tempted to call about it when I remember that I own a home and am paying mortgage on it.
    Snow days are the best until you have to make them up in June. Right now, we are teetering on the brink of June 9th, but one more day will push us into the next week. No more snow events!


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