in like a lamb…

is the only way to explain my knitting this beginning of  March.  The sleeves are progressing with Cherie but nothing truly noteworthy to show.  Plus with the transition to my new apartment my knit time may be minimal. Knowing me though I’ll be knitting a few rounds in between carring my boxes up my 3 floor walk up.  Despite the "yawn nature" of my knitting…

I am so excited to get my move on! I cannot wait to show you all my new digs.  I promise to get some pics as soon as I get the keys.  It’s such a great space even though I keep thinking about how teeny tiny my bedroom will be.  It’s seriously no more than 9×7 and I think it will just fit my queen bed with inches on either end. But it’s just dear ol’ me for a while and as long as there’s a place for my yarn………….

Speaking of moving, my fav local yarn shop is moving to a new location! She’s moving out of her cute basement spot to a ground floor space two blocks away.  I’m so thrilled for her and excited to be a part of her move! I’ll be sure to post pics of that too when she’s all moved in.  More space, means more yarn! (Right, Trish! ;-))

All in all I’m still on the hunt for new knits…I am thinking of casting on for Le Slouch (I know I’m all talk at this point), saw a cute headband project I’ve spied on the blogs and I have another hat for my BF to finish.  Perhaps these mini projects will make March end with a bit of a roar!

7 thoughts on “in like a lamb…

  1. JulieFrick says:

    Could that headband project be the Panta? Caliometry? Do tell! Did you check out the new knitty? I’m really liking Ester. And that little tank-top for tiny girls. Just don’t know if I’ve got a tiny girl to knit it for yet.


  2. Cara says:

    I’m so glad to hear Patricia’s is moving. Now maybe people will be able to find the store. Seems such a shame to be so hidden away! Good luck!


  3. Heather says:

    Can’t wait to see ‘Cherie’, I’ve been dying to have a go at it myself…good luck with the move, it’s always a hassle but so exciting to wake up in your new place and discover the special little neighborhood things that make it unique.


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