and i miss you

like the deserts miss the rain… (did anyone else imagine the girl singing that song looking WAY different than what she really looks like?)

I just wanted to check in since I’m still in the moving process.  I’ve come to realize that although moving all your stuff in one day is a pain in the neck and probably very tiresome it’s still means that your stuff is moved in One Day.

I have done my move gradually and without movers. I still have 20% left to go which I hope will be done by the weekend.  (More importantly done before I go to the NCAA Elite 8 game!) I sold my couch, I called all my bill companies, packed everything in pretty little boxes… all that’s left is the man power to move such things as my bed and large TV.

My knitting has super suffered and I miss it.  I have my Cherie sleeves 95% done, just a few more decrease rows and I’ll be seaming it! But now with spring in the air do I really have the Uumph to finish a wool sweater??  I must prevail!

So for now this is me just checking in! I will soon be back to super blog status soon. (I have an Easter Break coming up soon, another week of nothing but knits – what can be accomplished then?? Only my dreams can tell. But over at Cathy’s I was introduced to Wallace and Gromit TOY patterns!!?? Where can I obtain those!?  Toys I deem will be the theme for April.)

7 thoughts on “and i miss you

  1. Brenda says:

    We miss you, too. Don’t think anyone else could sum up the actual moving process better than Heather in the above comment. I hope you are able to settle in soon! Finish Cherie so we can all see!


  2. Susan says:

    Keep going, Cherie’s such a great sweater! I made one last year and out of all the sweaters I’ve made, it’s my favorite by far! I seem to remember having similar problems as far as the sleeves though; I did a lot of resizing to make it smaller and ended up winging it on the sleeves (I don’t have much patience for trying to understand patterns). I love the yarn you used, it’s going to look great!


  3. Kirsten says:

    DH and I saw Everything But the Girl at the Beacon about ten years ago. I remember feeling the same way. She does have a wonderful voice though.
    Good Luck with the rest of the move. I hope you eventually find some time to knit!


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