Suddenly I See

It’s hard to come up with a one liner to start the post that you’ve been meaning to write for a long time.  You want to be witty but truly are coming up short.  You don’t want to do that whole "gee, remember me?" bit or the apologetic line of how negectiful you’ve been to the dear knit blog.  You just want to jump right back into things but perhaps think that people kinda deserve to know where the hell you’ve been.

At first it was just because Cherie had nearly knocked the whole knit love out of me.  I seriously felt defeated about knitting.  I thought about all those great hours I knitted in Feb practically finishing the thing in two days and realizing that yes I’m gonna have to rip it.  That blow to the mind of "all that time wasted" really hurt my knitting psyche. 

I started making toys.  But I felt like I was going through the motions almost forcing myself to like it.  I finished all the body parts of Shaun the sheep and was on to the fleecy part.  I bought Zucca from my LYS and knitted away on the body – once done I realized that my little body parts were way to small for the bigger Zucca body.  Le sigh.  Another project that would need tweeking and me not to happy about doing it.

Then life happened. I became really busy at work and at home.  The whole Virginia Tech tragedy really blew me away and didn’t make me want to blog for while.  I work at a high school and think of the girls leaving for college and worry like a parent for them. I won’t get into it as it’s so long ago but I still think and pray for the victims and the shooter.

So with all this I needed something that would make me happy.  That would make me yearn to pick it up and knit it.  Make me confide in the fact that when I finished it  – it would fit.  Thank god for those Zephyr girls.  I had made Rusted Root a while ago and I loved it.  I bought Glee, got the yarn and finally casted on.


A spark has been lit! It feel so good to be right into knitting again!!   I actually took a trip to London during the last week in April which is where the bulk of this shirt was knitted.  It’s truly amazing what can get done on a 6 hour flight.  I also had a lot of down time at my hotel room and just loved being away from everything in a city I loved and reconnecting with a hobby I loved. I was in London for my brother’s 30th birthday.  It was a fabulous champagne filled time.  I promise pics once I get them.

As you can see I’m almost done with the main knitting and just need to pick up for the collar.  During this past weekend I went to Boston (a real world traveler I am lately…) just for a girls weekend with my mom and our friends.  I went to two yarn shops there: Newbury Yarns and A Good Yarn.   Both were well stocked with great yarns and I indulged in some Lacey Lamb for a shawl for mom.

Lacey Lamb

It’s a fabulous blue and I think it’s destined to be something from Victorian Lace Today.  I’ve seen this yarn around the internets made into so many beautiful shawls that it’s getting me excited to do some lace! 

I’m pretty much homebound for the rest of the month of May.  June brings a trip to Italy.  10 days with the girls from my school. I’ve never been so I’ll take the hs drama that I’m sure will be ahead of me.  Then it’s July… but who wants to speed time up that quickly… not me.

I just want to finish Glee, which has given me my knittng back.

8 thoughts on “Suddenly I See

  1. Ava says:

    Good to see you back and so happy for all the travel (a little jealous here). Sometimes life just happens . . . don’t make apologies for it.


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