what a feelin’

Seriously I almost forgot how good it feels to be "in the knits".  Glee is almost done! Just the picked up ribbing for the sleeves and V neck need to be done.  Give it a little blocking and I’ll be modeling her by the weekend (I hope!)  I defintiely found Glee to be a very easy knit.  I love top down patterns because you can really see how the piece is going to fit while you’re making her. 

This recharge of knit batteries has gotten me giggly-excited about thinking what I should cast on for next?

I’ve been tempted by so much of what I see on the internets.  Have you seen this beautiful Josephine (aka Fifi)!? It’s gorgeous!! I found her through the Ravelry site. (I won’t go into it as not to get people crazy, but patience my friends cause this puppy is GOOD ,no, phenominal.  I feel rediculously privalged to be a tester. (Thanks again Cara!) But sign on up they’re working crazy hard (two people!!) on getting it ready for everyone.) Anyway, I love color she made and it has such a great fit.  I remember seeing the pattern at my LYS but when you see it knit up it’s so different!

I think I might be skipping this one to the front of my "to knit next" list.  It’s right there with the shawl I want to make for my Mom with the Lacey Lamb.  I’m now leaning towards Eunny’s Print o’ the Wave stole.  I have the pattern and it’s very close to the one in Victorian Lace Today – so we’ll see.  I am hoping to gift it to her for ther birthday which is late July. 

It’s also a fantastically goregous Wednesday which is just beckoning me to sit out side with an iced tea knitting my dear life away.  I would do that selfishly if only I didn’t feel so guilty about not going to the gym.  But it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so there’s that! 😉

6 thoughts on “what a feelin’

  1. Cathi says:

    Hooray! Maybe your Glee will make me cast on for mine! I know it’s going to look great.
    That knit is gorgeous- it almost makes me want to buy some Calmer….almost. 😛
    And they say that knitting burns 80 cals an hour, I think. It must be true, otherwise I would have ballooned up to 47238052789 pounds by now.


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