just try to not laugh

sometimes you just got to read non-knitting blogs…

Miss Doxie

I hope this brings some laughter to your day. I’m was trying to be all low key here at the office but her most recent post just make me laugh out loud twice.  I have a student trying to take a test near by who probably thinks I’m NUTS.  Seriously, this girl is a hilarious writer. I could spend all day in her archives but I don’t feel like peeing my pants today.

Anyway, I had the most luxurious quiet weekend ever which lead to lots of good knitting time. Glee is finished! Just some ends to be weaved in and a little blockage and we’ll be modeling in no time.  I may need to train the BF to take pictures so that I’m not doing the old – let’s see how far I can hold the camera away from my face to get a good shot pose OR the how many times do i have to reposition myself for the self timer shot pose. 

And because I’m not vain or anything here is a shot of me from my bro’s birthday party… at this point in the night I probably had about 10 glasses of champagne, but I think I look pretty hot. A credit to my dear friend Dana who let me borrow "The Dress". 


oh and of course me and the birthday boy:


Happy Monday, All!!

Coming soon: Glee makes it debut.

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