conscience knitting

I tend to not get too scientificky with my knitting. Most likely because I just want to get down to business to knit and make stuff.  I buy a pattern, get some yarn, swatch it up and knit.  I am rarely tempted to experiment with methods or techniques.  It all boils down to my impatience to just start the project which I completely understand is not always the best course of action. 

I just finished knitting the gauge swatch for Fifi and pre-soak it’s coming around to 5.5 stitches an inch rather than the 5st/in that’s required in the pattern.  I really like the way the 7s look and how neat the stitches are and tend to lean towards the "the top will stretch out over time so why not knit in tigher gauge" rational.  But is a whole half stitch a bit too much?  I feel like the girl who wants the advice that will just approve with the course of action she’d like to take rather than the practical "I know what I should do but don’t feel like doing it" solution. 

This is why googling is like a girl’s best friend.  I had saved Sundara’s post about knitting in a tighter gauge as taught to her by Catherine Lowe.  I thought "ooh goodie I won’t have to knit another gauge swatch".  Well in that post it says she recommends .1 to .25 tighter… again I’m looking at .5. (As a total aside, how does one achieve knitting at .1 tighter a gauge? that’s some concentrated tension right there!).  I could probably block the crap out of the top but is it really worth it?

The angel on my shoulder is just whispering to me, "oh, it won’t kill you to just go ahead and knit the gauge with your 8s.  I know you really want to start the top and not worry about whether it will fit or not. If you do so you will knit worry free and be at peace!" The pattern size I want to make is the second size up (33.5) after that is the 37.5 size which I think would make the top a bit loose on me.  Of course then the devil on my other should is saying, "why not knit the larger size only to produce a smaller top that way you won’t have to knit another gauge swatch… go ahead and cast on, you’ll feel better right now. Oh and get yourself some champagne while you’re at it..hmmm mimosas!"

Should I be searching for the Orange Juice or whipping out my 8s?

3 thoughts on “conscience knitting

  1. connie says:

    I almost always knit at a tighter tension. And you’re right that it’ll probably stretch a bit with time anyway. If you’re really worried, adjust the pattern a little – i.e. add a few more stitches, etc.


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