small worlds

In my 7 things I mentioned how I happen to be the admissions director of my old high school.  This was something I never planned for or prepared myself to become.  I did not apply to colleges with it in mind and up until late April of my senior year had no inkling that it was to be my future.  In the end it seems to be the perfect job for me right now.  It’s creative, hands on and I can really feel like I’m making a difference in  young people’s lives.

Now, of course at a local catholic HS, you’re not getting paid the big bucks but there are some huge intangibles that do apply.  I get a little bit of summer off, I work from 7:30 **ooph** to 3pm **yea**,  and I have a pretty nice office!  And of course the obvious – I get plenty of time to be creative (i.e. doing a whole lot of knitting!).   But then there’s the unexpected things that can happen when you’re an admissions director.

I had an applicant come in to take an entrance exam this past Tuesday.  Her mom was with her and decided to stick out the two hours of waiting time at my school.  With her she had a nice big Namaste bag filled with a knitting project.  Of course I see it and exclaim, "Oh what are you working on!?" To which she smiles and says, "Oh my daughter didn’t tell you… I work for Vogue Knitting magazine."  To those who know me well my reaction won’t come as a surpise.  (i kinda screamed a  bit –  more like an "Oh wow! I LOVE knitting!! I even have my knitting with me!") Her poor daughter was griding away at the gruling entrance exam while her mother and I talked about patterns and stitches.  She was working on a sample for their fall magazine and was basically knitting the sweater by looking at the photo of the Model!  No pattern just photo.  Right.

Of course she wanted to see what I was working on which I was happy to get.  I showed her Fifi who comes with me everywhere now a days and she even though my knitting was meticulous. (me! haha woo!) I guess I was a bit overly excited but knitting doesn’t really cross paths with my admissions world so this happened to be a huge delight!

In the end, her daughter did well enough to be considered (phew! I was so thinking "accepted=yarn") haha and we’ll see if she does indeed decide to enroll in my school.  Either way I made a new fabulous knitty friend who works for a fabulous knitty magazine!  I plan to try to keep in touch either way – she was very nice and kept telling me, "if you have any trouble with patterns or techniques, call or email me."    That’s a huge "You bet your yarn balls I will!"

So fast foward to today – I’m off! (yet another perk, seriously people HS admissions, not a bad job!) I just got back from a bit of shopping and the rest of my day will be spent cleaning my apartment in preperation for a visit from my old college roomie and her boyfriend.  No beach or traveling for me this weekend – just local bar crawls, a ting of shopping and hopefully some good knitting. Maybe even a finished Fifi!!


I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

10 thoughts on “small worlds

  1. stacey says:

    I work a similar schedule – 6:30-2 – I would so rather get up early and be able to leave early – have the whole day ahead of me.
    What a neat story – you never know who you’ll meet! Hopefully it will end with some vogue yarny goodness coming your way!


  2. isel says:

    You are a rock star!! That is so cool. Really.
    Fifi is impressive. I would have been too embarrassed to show her my skanky sock.
    Have fun this weekend. 😀


  3. Octopus Knits says:

    What a great story (and what a wonderful potential resource you have in your new friend)!
    I’m totally going to have to knit “Fifi,” too. Yours is looking just gorgeous (love the color)!


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