Endings and Beginnings

It is June (well tomorrow it is).  The seniors are finishing their finals and will be graduating on Saturday. They having been toting around their yearbooks requesting last minute advice and best wishes to be written for them to reminisce over later.  The underclassmen are spending their last days getting ready for their exams and talking about their "big plans" for being that great Sophomore or Junior next year.  Hallways are getting quieter as each day brings us closer to the day where the school is empty and the girls are off to their respective places of vacation. Everyone is getting ready for class free days which will be filled with trips, summer reading and laziness.

Moulin Rouge

This June starts with me saying good bye to my first class of seniors who’ve I’ve met as freshman.  The transformation that one witnesses over four years of high school is quite numbing.  The growth and maturity that springs forth is stifling. They start out all giggly little 14 year olds and leave sophisticated believing they know it all 17 year olds.  I say good bye to them with all my hopes and blessings for their life beyond our hallways.

Offices are being cleaned of their clutter, with furniture being straighted and dusted.  Once busy bulletin boards are now covered in simple white sheets of paper for their summer hibernation.  June also ushers in a beginnings of sorts.  Like the purchase of a blank crisp notebook, June can offer excitement for a year of new and fresh ideas.  It’s planning time for September, for correcting the past years mistakes and for being a bit wiser for having another year under our belts.

Tweed Stitch Belt

I often work during this month with a huge battle with focus.  I yearn to be outside spending my time soaking up the sun and leaving school behind like most of my students.  It’s the knowledge that I too will have a summer vacation – a time where the school will be closed and I just will not be here that intoxicates.  These are the days of pure freedom!  Of sleeping in, semi-guilt free happy hour and lots of time to knit and enjoy!  I’ve started a few new projects in the wake of Fifi’s completion. (click pics for details)  Things that will accompany me to parks and beaches and Italy!

Cherry Swatch

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that I will be traveling with 40 of my students to the beautiful country of Italy!  We will be touring every museum, church and fountain of the beautiful cities of Rome, Sorrento, Pompeii, Capri, Palermo, and Taormina to name a few.  Will I be tired?  Oh yes.   I’ve already begun a list of yarn shops that I hope to visit in what ever free time I will get.  I plan on bringing an extra piece of luggage – you know, just in case.

11 thoughts on “Endings and Beginnings

  1. Nonnahs says:

    Congrats on your finished Fifi! She’s gorgeous! I love that color. How did everything work out for you, size-wise? OMG, when are you going to Italy? How exciting!


  2. Christine says:

    Everything looks great! Enjoy Italy, it was my favorite place to travel in Europe. Take lots of good pictures, and eat some gelatto!


  3. isel says:

    I want to go with you!! That sounds so perfect. I hope you find lots of great yarn and lots of time to regroup and come back refreshed and ready for the new year.
    Lovely post.


  4. Lolly says:

    Great post, Margaux! and wow, what a teacher you are to actually travel overseas with those students! 🙂 it sounds like an amazing trip with some great stops. I have not been to Italy, but I really hope to make it one day soon! best wishes~


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